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15 Aug 2008
Pablo Amo, Pablo Alvarez and now Aouate seem to be a target of Real Zaragoza, club that could be a decisive factor in order to close Depor’s squad. Meanwhile Maritimo Funchal is interested in both Taborda and Rodri. The discarded men that still without offers are goalkeepers Manu and Mun??a and playmaker Jairo.

After the departure of Adrian to Malaga, Depor still searching for a destiny for other six players. According to Sportpaper Marca, Real Zaragoza could negotiate a loan deal for goalkeeper Dudu Aouate. The main choice for Los Ma?±os was Valladolid’s Sergio Asenjo, but the Primera club doesn’t want to lose the young keeper and now Zaragoza is thinking in Aouate as a real choice after C?©sar S??nchez signed for Tottenham Hotspur.

Other two players in which Zaragoza is interested are Pablo Alvarez and Pablo Amo. Supposedly Depor and Zaragoza already have an agreement for Amo, but first the Aragonians are trying to get rid of Roberto Ayala. This possible operation is very important for Depor, because it will also decide if a new central defender will arrive, as Lotina said a couple of days ago: â€?If Pablo Amo stays, I’m thinking in continuing like this.  I trust in him and thinking in a selfish way, the best thing is to keep him at the squad, because in this way I am not complicating my existence. He hasn’t moved from here, and if he doesn’t do it, the better.â€?

About Pablo Alvarez, it seems that Lotina counts with him and that’s why Lendoiro won’t allow his exit. The situation of the other players already discarded is more difficult. Jairo is without any offer, same thing than goalkeepers Manu and Gustavo Mun??a. About Manu, Depor Sport reported that the last resource is to give him a spot at the first squad as third keeper, although it will mean he will not play too often during the season.

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