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15 Aug 2008
Disappointment at Deportivo for not achieving a victory at home. Lotina thinks the man-to-man coverage implemented by Hajduk’s team was the fact that decided the game. The players were also sad with the result, although Valer??n thinks the empty sheet achieved at the Riazor could be important for the second leg. Meanwhile the coach of Hajduk still thinks that Depor is the favourite side to pass the round.

The 0-0 at the Riazor was disappointment for everybody, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina tried to explain the result ?I was expecting a Hajduk Split like this, what happens is that in Spain, we don’t practice a man-to-man coverage and that fact surprised us. They didn’t give us any option, they followed Guardado and Sergio throughout the pitch and we didn’t create the chances. Our team still thick and tired and you can notice that.?

Lotina said that he’s already changing the system for the new season ?It was a tough game for us, they defended well and our lack of freshness was noticed. We are thinking of changing the system for this year, we were stuck in the first half and we weren’t able to break their defensive system because we still ?green’. We tried to put more people up front for the second half, this in order to take advantage of some opportunities.?

Now the Basque coach is aware the second-leg represents a tough challenge for his men ?The series still open, evidently they will try to attack more on there and we will enjoy of more spaces, besides I think we will be more prepared. The problem is the environment we will face there, also that an away win is more complicate to achieve. I won’t be surprised with any result.?

The first player that talked after the game was striker Omar Bravo, the Mexican was feeling sorry for not achieving a win at home "We were forced to take advantage of our condition of home team, but we hope to move on. It’s feasible to see the team passing though I respect the rival."

Juan Rodr?guez was the next one that talked with the media, he was aware of the lack of offensive game at Deportivo ?Since the beginning, we struggled to create occasions for the lack of space, they came here to make their game and we didn’t expect to have so less chances. In the returning game I hope they will search to attack and then we could have more opportunities.?

Riki said that Depor missed velocity and he discarded his team wasn’t prepared for the match in a physical sense ?We missed some sparkle, freshness and velocity. What happens is that they are a serious team. The game was a real fight. I don’t think our physical condition was a problem, we are well in that sense, because we have been training since July 1st.?

Playmaker Juan Carlos Valer??n preferred to see the brighter side of this result ?To achieve a clean sheet is important. They defended well and things were tough for us. I’m convinced that with fifteen more days of training, we will be better and we will be able to pass the round.?

Mexican Andr?s Guardado said that Deportivo missed more ambition on this confrontation ?We were hoping for more. We didn’t know how to open the holes against a closed defence like the one they presented, system that stopped our team. This will force us to do more in the returning match; we will need to be more risky in order to score.?

Striker Xisco was convinced the key to achieve the pass is to score a goal in Croatia ?We couldn’t surpass them in this game. We didn’t enjoy of too many chances, but any draw with goals in the second match will give us the pass. We still have chances to reach the next round, that’s for sure. I hope we will be better in two weeks. If we score, then the situation is on our hands.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro wasn’t impressed by the game made by Depor ?This is the typical game of pre-season and it won’t pass to Depor’s history. We had our chances, but I don’t think the result is unfair. Deportivo’s president also confirmed that the president of Maritimo Funchal is trying to hire Taborda and also defender Rodri, although no agreement has been reached.

Hajduk’s coach, Goran Vucevic, said he was content with the game practiced by his squad "The match has been hard, because it was relatively better compared with the last one we played in Croatia, a presentation that was weak by our side. Deportivo controlled the ball most of the time. We should be happy with what we have achieved although the goal was to implement a more powerful game, the result opens many possibilities. We noticed they saw our videos and had very well studied our team. I think the fact that leaded us to see so many cards was the inexperience of our players. "

Despite the scoreless draw, the ex-Barcelona man still sees Depor as the favourite side for the series "I think we have surprised Deportivo with this result. For the second-leg, I see Depor as the favourite side because it has better players and we have new players who are not yet integrated. The good news is that we have our fans and I believe we can leave them outside the UEFA. I think in the next encounter we will play stronger. "

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