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18 Aug 2008
Lotina and his players showed their satisfaction for the victory over Cruz Azul, but who was in the spotlight was Pablo ?lvarez, because the right winger said on Monday he is not happy at Deportivo. In the meantime, Lopo has been included in the list for the final match against Atl?tico Madrid.

Despite the poor game displayed by Depor, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina said he was satisfied with the performance of his players ?I liked my team and I liked them a lot. What happens is that football is emotion and we didn’t have that emotion on this occasion. People just attended to the stadium in order to see what happens. If we wouldn’t play the UEFA match a few days ago, more people would come. The UEFA and the casualties have frozen our fans, but the team was fine.?

About the error committed by Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ during Cruz Azul’s goal, the Basque coach assures it will only bring positive things for the young defender ?The error of Adri??n will be a benefit for him and also for the rest.? About the performance of Mista, he said the striker is improving with the pass of the time ?Mista still missing a lot, but he’s better now, he plays well when he performs backwards the goal. Today is the day when I am happier with him.?

Defender Juanan also gave his impressions about the match ?We deserved the win, because we always had the ball. I am also content for my goal, but the important thing is that we achieved the victory. I didn’t feel any pressure; the team mates always make you feel very comfortable.? Meanwhile Piscu admitted his error and said ?it couldn’t happen again, better to see this errors coming in the friendly games.?

Antonio Tom??s was worried because Depor allowed a goal when it was dominating the actions ?We played well, especially in the first part, but a little mistake forced us to search a reaction. I was feeling fine in the game, just a little tired, but I’m content in the end with our victory.?

Riki assured the squad was always feeling comfortable, even when it was losing ?It was about gaining the pace and to try to reach the final of the tournament, ad we did it. We were the superior side. They just attacked in one occasion and scored a goal, but we always believed the comeback was possible?.


Lotina released the list of called players for the final game against Atletico: Aranzubia, Manu (goalkeepers); Filipe, Lopo, Laure, Rodri, Piscu, Juanan (defenders); Sergio, Verd??, Antonio Tom??s, Pablo ?lvarez, Cristian, Valer??n, Juan Rodr?guez (midfielders); Bodipo, Riki and Mista (strikers). The novelty is the return of Albert Lopo after surpassing a knee problem, but Manuel Pablo still sidelined due to a toe injury. It’s expected the Catalan will be a starter in the game

The squad trained on Monday. After the session ended, Mista talked with reporters and expressed his satisfaction with his current condition ?Little by little I am gaining the pace and finding myself better in a physical sense. Besides after a month and a half I am finding the adaptation to the squad. In a personal sense, the situation can be described as positive.?

But who got all the attention was Pablo ?lvarez, the right winger confessed that he isn’t feeling comfortable with his current situation at the squad ?I talked with the coach, because August 31 is getting closer and my situation has to be resolved. I want to be useful no matter where I could be. Maybe the best thing is to go out to another team. Here things seem to be made without too much logic. If you have a player who barely plays and you can save some pennies with his contract, the normal thing would be to allow his exit, but we already know how things work on here.?

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