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20 Aug 2008
Satisfaction at the club after Deportivo picked a new Teresa Herrera. Lotina is now convinced that his team can alternate the 5-2-2-1 with the 4-2-3-1, while the players were content with the win. Meanwhile Javier Aguirre is more worried about Atl?tico’s upcoming game in Champion League. Also, the latest about Manuel Pablo’s operation.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina expressed his satisfaction after Deportivo picked its ninth straight Teresa Herrera ?We are content for a lot of reasons. Firstly, we won the trophy. Later because the sensations in an individual sense were good. Also because people watched a good game?

Talking about the scheme on his formation, the Basque said Depor will alternate the 4-2-3-1 with the 5-2-2-1 ?I have to think about it. The system with three central defenders has its advantages and issues. Today, playing with two, they felt fine, more united. We will manage the schemes during the season depending on the people we could have. At least we give the impression the squad could jump to the pitch with a sensation of security.?

Lotina also praised the level of Mista ?We have quality people and there was a good relationship around Valer??n, people feel comfortable playing alongside him. Talking about strikers, the good news is the performance of Mista. It will be hard for him since he has been out for two years, but he was perfect pushing and starting the attacks. I see it in that way, tough others may not. He missed a chance but it wasn’t so easy to score. For me he was excellent.? He also said that Pablo ?lvarez had a ?nice performance.?

What worries Depor’s coach is the problem suffered by Manuel Pablo ?Firstly I want to see the situation. The doctors have an idea and we have to wait for the operation in order to decide. I am worried; no matter it could be a short term casualty. He was fine, hoping to continue. The ideal thing would be to have him as soon as possible.?

Talking about the same subject, right-back Laure said he will try to help the squad ?It’s a shame, especially since he’s a person that’s always helping me, but I will try to do a good job, always helping the squad in all the possible ways.? 

Goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia was also content with the triumph ?It seems this tournament is always a good thing for us, for me the first thing is this, but the most important fact is that the cup is staying here, in the city. The true is that the squad was fine, the first half has been very complete and we could even achieve a bigger result.?

Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ was happy for the performance of the whole squad ?I am leaving content, we made a good match and the fans were happy, I was feeling fine inside the pitch and it’s always important to receive the confidence of the coach in every match.?

Striker Mista was a little sad for all the missed occasions, but in a general sense, he was happy with his performance ?The goal is resisting me, but this is the way to follow. I am leaving content in an individual and collective sense. The only problems were the missed occasions. In the penalty I was going to hit the ball with all my strength, but the pitch was a little soft.?

Meanwhile president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro confirmed that he already reached an agreement with Maritimo Funchal for Taborda and Rodri, he said the amounts are already agreed and that the only thing left is to define the method of payment. But the president didn’t want to confirm if the club will look at the market in order to cover the absence of Manuel Pablo.

In Atl?tico, coach Javier Aguirre was saying his team was more worried about the upcoming challenge in the Champions League ?To explain what happened is more difficult, because we leaked a goal when the game was just starting, when you supposedly are more focused, but this are normal errors in football. Although Depor was the deserved winner, they were the better side and I congratulate them for the trophy, but the true is that we have our mind in other place, in the game of the next week.?

The Canarian right-back will be operated on this day from a toe cyst, it has been rumoured he will be out of action for two month, but all depends of the surgery. Doctor Rafael Arriaza explained the procedure ?In the beginning, is a simple intervention. It’s all about giving freedom to the toe, so it can work without pain, but it’s an area that can annoy a lot since it’s used to support the body. It all depends on what’s the extent of the scar. The minimum time is six weeks. In fact, the normal thing would be two or three months.?

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