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23 Aug 2008
It was speculated that Deportivo was interested in the signing of a new right-back after the injury suffered by Manuel Pablo, but Lotina refused the rumours on Friday. Meanwhile, president Lendoiro talked about the conformation of the squad for the new season.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina was very clear on Friday about a possible incorporation in order to cover the two-month absence of Manuel Pablo ?We won’t make any movement; we aren’t even looking at anybody.? Were the words of the coach after the last training of the squad (the players have a free weekend and they will resume the work on Monday).

Therefore Lotina assumes that Laure will be his starting choice for la liga, this because Antonio Barrag??n is also out of action due to a serious knee injury. And president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro shares the view of the coach, as he said in a local radio ?We are content, calmed and without hurries. Barrag??n will be fine soon and Laure is living a good moment. Besides, I believe Manuel will be ready in one and a half month.?

Lendoiro went beyond the signing of a right-back; he assured the arrival of a new central defender depends exclusively of the exit of a current player, something the same Lotina already confirmed during the past week. As the president said in the interview: ?If everything continues like this and if we don’t see the exit of any other central defender, then I believe we have enough squad to face the season.?

Depor’s president also assured the priority right now is to find an exit for the players that don’t count for Lotina ?I guess the chapter of the exits will be the one with more movements, because there are players that don’t count for the coach and they don’t have a spot on here. About the chance of signing everyone else, we have enough with the current squad.?

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