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25 Aug 2008
It’s almost certain that Deportivo won’t fulfill any new incorporation during the summer market, the fact that Pablo Amo is staying is almost confirmed and that’s why Lotina won’t need any new signing. For the moment the club is more interesting in finding a place for the seven players that don’t count: Aouate, Mun??a, Bodipo, Taborda, Jairo, Rodri and Manu. Lendoiro has five days to close their exits.

Five days to close the summer market and Deportivo still searching a destiny for the seven players that don’t count for Lotina: Dudu Aouate, Gustavo Mun??a, Rodolfo Bodipo, Sebasti??n Taborda, Jairo, Rodri and Man??. The only one that’s near to close his departure is Rodri, defender that’s negotiating with Maritimo Funchal. The Portuguese club was also interested in Taborda, but they signed Brazilian striker Cad?? during the weekend.

Taborda seems to have other offers in Germany and Italy, but the problem is that a condition to fulfill any of these possibilities is to have an EU-passport, something he doesn’t have yet. The situation is worrying because with the market closing its doors on Sunday, there’s a big possibility these seven players will have to stay at the squad but without a place to perform in liga or in copa, something that already happened in the past with players like Changui, ?Toro’ Acu?a and Jes??s Mu?oz.  

What seems clear now is that Deportivo won’t make any new incorporation. Zaragoza has closed the signing of Ruben Mart?n Pulido and now Los Ma?os have four choices for the central position in defence: the same Pulido, Roberto Ayala, Sergio Fern??ndez and Francisco Pav??n. Therefore they won’t try to complete the signing of Pablo Amo, who was supposed to go there in a deal valued in €2 million. However the possibility remains as Zaragoza was trying to get rid of Ayala, if they negotiate the exit of the Argentinean, it’s possible they will reactivate the negotiations for Amo.

The agent of Pablo Amo, Rodrigo Fern??ndez, was telling to reporters that despite the deal with Zaragoza seems to be canceled, he’s optimist about the career of the Madrilenian defender ?Pablo counts for Lotina and he has one more year in his contract, I can’t ask for more, he’s happy at Deportivo and I’m sure he won’t miss teams in order to play during the next year.?

Lotina already said that Deportivo won’t sign any new central defender if Pablo Amo stays in the squad. He was also assuring to have a three-man list in order to cover his possible departure: ?We have a list with three candidates, Colotto and other two. He (Colotto) is one of the options that we are considering, but it isn’t the only one.?

And newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a informed on Monday the second name on Lotina’s list: Carlos Matheu (23). He is an Argentinean central defender that was near to sign for Lokomotiv in a deal valued in €2.3 million but that was discarded after a scan revealed the player could have a heart problem. For the moment he’s playing with Independiente in Argentina. However, the option of Colotto or Matheu won’t be fulfilled if Pablo Amo remains at Deportivo.

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