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08 Oct 2008
After the win over Numancia, Depor is living a pleasant situation in la liga as the squad occupies a mid-table position. But some statistics demonstrate that Lotina has to work hard in order to correct crucial problems in his squad. The offensive line is not working during the games and that situation only puts more pressure over the defensive tasks.

Only six matchdays have been played in la liga, but it’s already possible to extract some important conclusions from the stats generated on the pitch. It’s pretty well known that Depor has faced several difficulties to score the goals during the last seasons, this time it isn’t the exception as Depor has only scored five times in six matches.

Normally the strikers are the ones blamed for this, and this time it isn’t different as the four strikers at the squad (Omar Bravo, Mista, Bodipo and Riki) have only conquered one goal in those six games. But it’s an error to blame them for all the problems affecting the squad on the present season, and the stats demonstrate this.

Firstly, Deportivo has only made 63 shots so far. It’s the 14th mark in la liga as RCD Espanyol is the worst with 41 and as Barcelona is the best one with 143. And of those 63 shots, only 16 were made on target. That’s the 15th mark in Primera Divisi??n. The worst team in this department is also Espanyol (only 9) and the best one is also Barcelona (48). It’s true the squad is suffering from lack of aim as only 25% of the attempts made by Depor are ending with a shot on goal, however the problem is bigger because the number of total shots is too short.

The stats give a clue about why Depor is not making too many shots. The problem is that simply Deportivo is not arriving to the rival’s area with ease. The midfielders and the wingers are not making enough good passes or crosses, while the squad is not recuperating the ball with regularly. To make things worse, the team is frequently losing the ball. After the first six matchdays, Depor has only completed 1,680 passes after 2,179 attempts, that’s an effectiveness percentage of only 77%. This mark of good passes just represents the 13th best record in la liga as Barcelona leads this department almost doubling the number of Deportivo (3,063).

Besides, Depor is 9th in Primera Divisi??n in terms of lost balls with 439, while it has only made 280 recuperations, this last number represents the fourth worst record in la liga, only Espanyol (276), Numancia (274) and Malaga (266) are recovering the ball in less opportunities. Finally, Depor has only made 163 crosses to the rival’s area, that’s only the 15th best mark in Primera Divisi??n.

These numbers demonstrate the lack of ideas at Deportivo when Lotina’s squad is trying to create its offensive game and surely explains why the squad is not scoring so often. Therefore the strikers shouldn’t be the only ones blamed for the lack of goals.

And the situation has a second part, because the lack of good passes and crosses, the so frequent occasions in which Depor loses the ball and the absence of recuperations are just increasing the pressure over the defensive zone. And it’s that in the six liga matches played so far, Depor has given the ball possession to the rival in all the opportunities, even Numancia and Real Madrid had the ball at their side for more time tough they ended losing against Deportivo (Real Madrid had a ball possession of 61% and Numancia 53%).

Then a simple conclusion emerges: If the rival is having the ball, the defensive zone will have more work, because it means more minutes spent on the pitch trying to cancel the attacks from the rival. And of course it means a bigger exposition against any error and lack of concentration, just as it happened against Valencia. That explains why Aranzubia is the eighth keeper with more interventions (50) in la liga and the sixth in terms of saves (24). The good news on this is that despite the pressure over the defensive line, Depor has only leaked six goals in the competition, mark that’s the fifth at Primera Divisi??n. 

Finally, there’s a worrying statistic about the discipline on the pitch. Depor has only committed 93 fouls in six matches, only four teams in la liga has committed less: Barcelona (63), Getafe (82), Sevilla (88) and Osasuna (90). However the referees have booked Depor’s players in 18 occasions while two players have been sent off (Omar Bravo and De Guzm??n). The number of yellow cards represents the 4th highest number in la liga while only Recreativo, Valladolid and Osasuna have suffered more expulsions (three each team). This demonstrates the referees have been more severe with Deportivo compared to the rest of the clubs.

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