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14 Oct 2008
Pablo Amo returned to train in a football pitch and worked with the ball for the first time in several months, but he still doesn’t know when he could return to play. In the meantime the Madrilenian defender discarded a surgery in order to surpass his injury (Enthesopathy).

After the pause in la liga, Pablo Amo is now the only player that still out of action due to an injury. The Madrilenian central defender has not debuted yet on the present season due to his Enthesopathy, injury that consists of an inflammation in the region right where the Achilles attaches to the heel. It was rumoured that a surgery might be needed, but the same player discarded this option during an interview in a local radio.

What’s a fact is that on Monday the defender trained in a football pitch and even practiced with the ball, something that was made in order to evalue the results from the physical therapy, the method selected to heal the injury. However his return to the competition is not expected to occur soon, as the same Pablo Amo admitted to newspaper La Voz de Galicia �This thing is going slowly, more than we expected. It advances, but slowly. We must go calmly and I don’t know when I could return.�

Meanwhile coach Miguel Angel Lotina didn’t want to talk about a date for his return �This is a medical issue, I prefer to see the doctors talking. The injury occurred in the same sector that was operated in the past, which is not a habitual thing. The recuperation process is not so simple or quicker than we thought.�

The Basque coach also emphasised that Amo is an important player at his squad tough he admitted to have resources to cover his absence �I want to see all my players fit, and I would love to see him fine, for what he gave to us on the past year and for what he means, but it’s also true that we have enough resources at the back zone. As soon as he could be fine, it will be better. I can’t say more. I prefer to leave the rest to the doctors. We are resolving his absence because we have people.�

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