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03 Nov 2008
Everybody was happy for the victory at the Luis de Lopera, Lotina and the players were praising the performance of the squad and especially the solidity in defence. At Betis, Chaparro saw two different games marked by Depor’s first goal and he also believes his team didn’t deserve a 0-3.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was convinced that despite the final score, it was a tough game for Depor ?We have won because we were focused at the back and also because we were determinant up front. We suffered a lot in order to enter into the game. We knew that Betis is a tough rival at its stadium, that’s why we played so much using long balls. We missed a lot of things in order to be fluid. It was an equal game and the details were the ones that defined the game. Both teams searched the victory and that’s why we had phases of ups and downs.?

Talking about the situation in la liga, the Basque coach believes that things still very equal ?We must be calmed. When the victory arrives, then the euphoria comes too, and when we lose, then we fall into pessimism. I consider the last years have been extreme. So these last two victories have been good for us. I insist that, taking out the teams at the top, the rest is really equal. Today we were lucky. We weren’t so superior, it was an equal match.?

Finally, Lotina talked about the play of the first goal, action in which the locals protested because Depor didn’t throw the ball out after two Betis’ players fell to the ground ?I already said it in public during the past year: we won’t throw out the ball when the rival is on the floor, and we neither want to see them doing the same. It isn’t only a thing of mine, Mendilibar announced this in the first place. If the referee considers there’s a head injury or that the health of a player is in danger, then he will stop the game.?

Mexican Andr?s Guardado was one of the best players for Depor in the game, like Lotina he was also appointing that despite the score, the game was really difficult for Deportivo ?We never faced an easy game. The true is that we only had a few chances, but we managed to score. The main thing was to achieve a clean sheet. The result is great for us due to what happened in the past weekend. Now we must reaffirm this sensation at home.?

The ex-Atlas winger also confessed that he was feeling ?guilty’ after he realised about what occurred during Depor’s first goal ?When both defenders collides, I didn’t see what happened. But later, with the protests after the goal, I realised about it. The true is that I felt bad for what happened in that play.?

Meanwhile central defender Z? Castro was praising the defensive sector for the work done during the match ?We deserved the victory. We had in front of us strikers with a great quality, but we did a defensive job that was very serious. The victory is good, but we must give continuity to it during next Sunday.?  

Left-back Filipe Luis was also happy because Deportivo made a serious game in defence ?We couldn’t commit the same errors in defence. This time we were very strong, that was the difference in this game. We are going little by little and we must continue. La liga is a long competition and it’s going to be complicated. We were needing a reaction and we did it. Besides, we didn’t leak any goal.?

?ngel Lafita, who is now the Pichichi at the squad, was very happy for the performance of the whole team ?I am more content for the victory than for the goals. We were needing a victory and to achieve a 0-3 means an injection of morale that’s very important. We were fine in the game and later the goals arrived. If we are solid and serious at the back, we have the chance to win a lot of games.?

The other scorer in the game, Riki, was thinking the victory in this game could be crucial in order to improve the situation in la liga ?Winning like this means to gain a lot of confidence and it’s a warning to the teams that are at the top. This could be an important point of inflection for us.?

Joan Verd??, who enjoyed of a good game too, was appointing that Deportivo deserved the victory ?It was an important game for us and we resolved the match really well. They just had one clear occasion, the one that Sergio saved over the goal line, but later we played well and were superior after the first goal. Depor deserved the victory.?

At Betis, coach Francisco Chaparro believes the first goal was the factor that decided the game ?We saw two different games. The first one until the first goal, with Betis dominating, and the second one after the 0-1 in the scoresheet and during the last fifteen minutes, then the game was for Deportivo. But it wasn’t a match to lose by a 0-3, this due the merits done by both teams.? About the polemic play of the first goal, Chaparro said: ?It was secondary play and the referee should have stopped the action. It was the logical thing, but he didn’t do it. We should be thinking too much about it.?



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