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10 Dec 2008
At this point of the past season, Lendoiro was thinking of the arrivals in order to reinforce a squad that was fighting to survive. Now things are different and the main target of the president is to renew the most important pieces in the squad. Manuel Pablo, Verd?? and De Guzm??n are the priorities.

A lot has been talked about the renewals of contract at Deportivo during the last weeks. And it’s that seven players are ending their contract in June of the next year: Manuel Pablo, Verd??, De Guzm??n, Sergio, Pablo ?lvarez, Pablo Amo and Gustavo Mun??a. In recent weeks coach Miguel Angel Lotina (who also ends his contract in June) appointed that the club will try to extend the contract of the major part of these players.

Now, and for the first time, it has been reported that Lendoiro is finally making the first approaches in order to fulfill the job. Sportpaper AS informed on Wednesday that the agent of Manuel Pablo, Antonio Morales, already received a call from Lendoiro about this matter, as Morales himself told to AS: ?We spoke ten days ago and we planned a meeting, but we postponed it for an issue that affected me. We still have to solve some things, but there are a lot of possibilities to see Manuel Pablo continuing at Deportivo.?

Later, the agent of Manuel Pablo appointed that he sees good chances about the continuity of the Canarian defender at the club ?Lendoiro has told us that Deportivo is interested in the renewal, Manuel Pablo also wants to continue and I don’t think there will be a problem. It’s an issue between two parties and we need to sit and talk. Manuel Pablo is happy on there, he has spent eleven years at Deportivo and he has been always appreciated over there. Why to change what has worked great?? he said.

AS also speculates that Joan Verd?? and Julian De Guzm??n, alongside coach Lotina, are the top priorities for Lendoiro, and that Sergio is coming after in a second plane.  The situation of Pablo ?lvarez is still uncertain and Lendoiro might try to renew his contract. What seems clear now is that neither Gustavo Mun??a nor Pablo Amo will continue for the next season.

And all of this was confirmed by coach Miguel Angel Lotina on Wednesday, day in which the squad returned to train after a period of two days of vacation ?What worries me right now, apart to my personal case, is to tie some specific players. That’s more important for the future of the club rather to be signing new ones. Right now I haven’t decided if we must sign somebody or not, if someone interesting appears, we will try, but we won’t sign just for the pleasure of been signing. If we need to reinforce a position, it’s the left-back spot in defence.?


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