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30 Jan 2006
The winter market closes its doors at midnight, the priority in Deportivo is to find an exit for some of the players that don't enter into Caparr??s' plans. It's the decisive hour for men like Momo, C?©sar or Jes??s Mu?±oz, while has been confirmed that V?­ctor will continue in the club.

The first candidate to leave the club was V?­ctor, the Madrilian winger admitted that Deportivo and Liverpool reached an agreement for his transfer. The 29-year-old player explained the situation that he has lived during the last week: "All of this was a surprise to me, I was informed on Tuesday. They told me that both clubs reached an agreement and in the next day the news were confirmed to me by Caparr??s and Richard Moar, later they invited me to negotiate with Liverpool."

But the transfer won't succeed, the last reports in the media indicates that the initial agreement between both clubs in now officially broken, apparently the problem was that Depor wanted to include in the operation the arrival of the Chilean striker Mark Gonz??lez, but the Reds discarded this option since the player has been sent to Real Sociedad in a loan spell. It was speculated that Liverpool had ready a deal with V?­ctor for the next three-and-a-half years. Now, the winger will continue in La Coru?±a until June when his contracts expires. The English side doesn't discard the option of signing him during the summer, but the Galicians could try to renovate his contract first.

Other player that's has been negotiating his exit is C?©sar. The Asturian defender has been followed by Bolton Wanderers for a while and their coach, Sam Allardyce said on the last week that he will do anything possible in order to sign him before to the closure of the market. Besides, the transfer seems necessary for the Premiership's club since Ivan Campo has been sidelined for at least 10 weeks after breaking his right foot in Saturday's FA Cup fourth-round victory over Arsenal.

Meanwhile, Momo and Jes??s Mu?±oz are waiting to see if their loan spell to Castell??n is fulfilled. Castell??n's president, Jos?© Laparra admitted that the deal is almost closed and that for the moment, it's just a matter of 'little things' to be negotiated.

A surprising exit could be the departure of Rub?©n Castro. Sportpaper AS wrote yesterday that Parma is asking for his services, apparently they are interested in a loan operation with a buyout clause, but his departure seems difficult to occur since Valer??n is injured and Caparr??s counts with the Canarian striker in order to replace him, as it happened in the last match with Atl?©tico Madrid.

It isn't probable that Deportivo will sign a new reinforcement in the following hours since the priority is to find an exit for Caparr??s' discarded players, although the Galicians are searching for somebody that could fit into Valer??n’s shoes, the Canarian will expend the next seven months out of action and Depor has enough time to sing a replacement since the rules in Spain allows to do it at any time of the season. In the last hours one name has been mentioned as candidate to replace the Canarian playmaker: Olivier Kapo (25) . The Frenchman is currently on a season-long loan at Monaco coming from Juventus, but he has failed to convince in France and the media is rumouring that Depor and some Premiership’s clubs are interested in him.

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