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31 Jan 2006
The final day of the winter market should be remembered with one word in Deportivo: frenetic. The expected departures of Momo, C?©sar and Jes??s Mu?±oz never happened; however, the exits occurred in the lest expected figure: Scaloni, the captain of Deportivo. The situation has been critisided by Caparr??s. The club also confirmed the arrival of the winger Francisco Gallardo.

The rumoured departure of Momo to Castell??n didn't happened, the Valencian club was wishing to close the deal yesterday, but Caparr??s' last hour decision changed the situation. The Sevillan coach suggested before that a loan spell would give Momo more chances to progress, but he changed his mind and now Caparr??s is authorising the continuity of the Canarian winger at Depor, it seems that the winger will start to enjoy of more minutes in the squad, a situation that can begin in the copa clash with Valencia.

The blocked transfer is also affecting the departure of Jes??s Mu?±oz, the midfielder was included as a complement in Momo's operation and now without offers to listen the player will stay in Depor. It doesn't seems probable that Caparr??s will give him minutes for the rest of the season. Jes??s will be free on June and it's seems impossible that Lendoiro would offer him a renovation.

But the shocking news of the day was the surprising departure of the captain Lionel Scaloni. The Argentinean said some months ago that he will not renew his contract that's expiring in 2007 and that in fact, he was thinking in returning to Argentina. A possible departure to Liverpool was even mentioned. At the end Scaloni will play with West Ham United in a loan spell for the rest of the season.

The Premiership's club reached an agreement in order to incorporate Barcelona's player Gabri, but he rejected the deal in the last minute and then, West Ham made quick contacts with Deportivo. One of the facts that influenced in Scaloni's decision was his small participation in the lineups so far. The Argentinean has only played 719 minutes during the present liga season and with the World Cup around the corner, he doesn't lose the illusion of participating in what could be his last opportunity to shine with Argentina's national team.

Angel Scaloni, father and agent of Lionel explained the situation of the player: "After eight years in the club we though that the best thing was to move into a new place, we came with an offer, but the president (Lendoiro) talked about this offer that convinced him, we checked it and the player is satisfy since it will let him play more often. Everything is fixed with West Ham, they confirmed the news at noon although we knew about it before. The true is that this wasn't a pleasant surprise, but this is the way in which the things happens in football." Scaloni's father also confirmed that the deal is a loan spell without buyout clause.

Who won't play in the Premiership league is C?©sar, the Asturian defender was a target of Bolton Wanderers. Coach Sam Allardyce couldn't convince his club of making a move for the player and now he will have to wait until June in order to sign his desired reinforcement.

Who was mad with the speculations is coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s, he had to call all the players available for the copa match with Valencia since he didn't know what players would be in the club tomorrow: "Here we have an special case that never happened to me, it seems that until midnight we won't know what can happen!. I will like to avoid this situation since the players are more concentrated in their future than on this important match."

He also talked about the case of V?­ctor: "His possible transfer also affected our concentration; besides, we had the option of incorporating a player like Mark G??nzalez, an addition that would be perfect for us. Frankly, I don't know why Real Sociedad won us in this case."

In the last hours it has been rumoured that Deportivo is searching in the market for Valer??n's replacement, there isn't any confirmed name for the moment, but the club has the advantage that Valer??n could be sacked from the list at any moment since the Canarian is seriously injured, la liga allows to inscribe a replacement at any moment and Depor will probably make a move in the next days.

However, Lendoiro already made a move in order to replace the departure of Scaloni, Depor's president reached an agreement with Sevilla in order to incorporate Francisco Gallardo (26) to the squad, the player is a petition made by Caparr??s, he performs in the right wing and comes in a loan spell for the rest of the season.

Gallardo was a regular starter in Sevilla during the seasons 2001/02 and 2002/03, but the appearance of Jes??s Navas closed the door to him, for that reason he was sent on a loan spell to Getafe during the last campaign. Now the Sevillan player will fight for a place with V?­ctor, the right wing has been precisely one of Caparr??s' problems since V?­ctor's continuos injuries left the position without an owner. De Guzm??n and H?©ctor were even used lately on that position.

But the club is also planning the squad for the next season, in this sense newspaper La Voz wrote that Deportivo has reached an agreement with Pablo ?lvarez N???±ez (25), he's a right winger that is currently playing in Segunda with Sporting Gij??n, his name isn't new since several reports indicated that Lendoiro had the player on target. It seems that Lendoiro's tactic is to use Gallardo during the rest of the season and later cover the spot with Pablo ?lvarez.

One of the things that attracted Depor's president is his condition of Galician player; in fact, Pablo ?lvarez was part of the Galician team that participated in the match with Uruguay on Christmas, one of his best characteristics is his capacity to score goals, he has scored 7 goals in 17 matches during the present season. His contracts expires on June and on this way, Depor won't have to pay for his services. According to La Voz his salary will be of €300,000.

It must be remembered that six players are ending contract in June: Molina, V?­ctor, C?©sar, Romero, Dani Mallo and Jes??s Mu?±oz. Of this list Molina and Mallo seems the only candidates that can renew their contract. The other four will probably leave at the end of the season while Scaloni and Pablo Amo will return for the next campaign.

With the departures of Amo and Scaloni plus the reincorporation of Momo and the signing of Gallardo the squad has completed the list of 25 players, a big problem to Caparr??s since there isn't an spot available for any of Fabril's youngster, the rules in Spain dictates that any youngster must be inscribed in the first team if he plays 10 matches in Primera. Iv??n Carril is the loser in this list since his participation during the second round will have to be reduced, he has played 7 games so far, the other youngsters that had played in la liga are Iago (3), Senel (2) and Xisco (4).

A solution in this case could to be the fact of leaving out of the players' list some of the men that don't count for Caparr??s, as it happened previously with Momo when he was left out in order to open a space for Arizmendi.

For the moment the conformation of Depor's first squad in order to face the rest of the season is:
Goalkeepers: Molina, Dani Mallo and Mun??a.
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, H?©ctor, C?©sar, Andrade, Juanma, Coloccini, Capdevila and Romero.
Midfielders: De Guzm??n, Sergio, Duscher, 'Toro' Acu?±a, V?­ctor, Jes??s Mu?±oz, Valer??n, Gallardo, Munitis and Momo.
Strikers: Rub?©n Castro, Diego Trist??n, Taborda and Arizmendi.

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