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24 Jan 2009
Tenth confrontation between Juande Ramos and Lotina at Primera Divisi??n, both men are facing problems inside the squad (Fabricio and Saviola). But Real Madrid’s coach is hoping to repeat the lineup, while Depor’s trainer is ready to make several changes for the game.

Juan de la Cruz Ramos Cano is a former midfielder of Elche CF that performed in three Primera matches with that club, later he ended his career at the age of 28 after suffering a knee injury. In 1990 he started his career as the coach of Ilicitano (Elche B) and since then he has worked with other 12 clubs, including Tottenham Hotspurs at the Premiership. His biggest achievements came with Sevilla FC, club in which he conquered two UEFA Cups (2005/2006 and 2006/2007), one European Supercup (2006/2007), one Copa Del Rey (2006/2007) and one Spanish Supercopa (2007/2008).

This is the tenth confrontation between Juande Ramos and Miguel Angel Lotina playing at Primera Divisi??n. In the previous nine duels, the current coach of Real Madrid added three victories, while Lotina achieved two, including a crushing 5-0 of his Espanyol over Sevilla during the season 2005/2006. The other victory of Lotina was last campaign’s 1-0 win of Deportivo at the S??nchez Pizju??n, just some weeks before his departure to Tottenham. The other four confrontations between these two coaches ended in a draw.

Depor’s coach talked at Abegondo’s press room after the last training and hours before the trip to Madrid, the main issue asked to him was related to the conflict with Fabricio, �Mun??a and Alberto are going for the game because I consider they should be the ones traveling. I have talked with Fabricio and I am doing the right thing. I won’t talk in public about what he said to me, I just say that anybody having that information would do the same. We are intelligent and we all know about my bet for Fabricio, if this is happening is for something, I don’t have any other solution. I won’t throw anybody to the horses.�

According to reporters at Abegondo, Lotina gave the idea that since this moment Mun??a will be the second keeper of the squad until the end of the season, while Fabricio will be discarded. Talking about the match at the Bernab?©u, the coach admitted changes in the starting lineup, â€?There are novelties because Adri??n has fell today, if not he would be traveling with us. He was coming out from flu and suffered a back problem. We will play with a 4-3-3 (4-3-2-1) and Valer??n has possibilities to be a starter.â€?

Later the Me?±aka-born manager analysed the potential of Real Madrid, â€?To block Robben or Sneijder does not have any difference no matter the system we use, and the circulation of the ball would be the same. (Real) Madrid has skilful people, we must respect them all.â€?

Finally, Lotina explained why he has decided to change the system of play, �What occurred in Barcelona has nothing to do. We didn’t leave content from there, there are ways to lose a game and other ways to achieve a victory. The reasons that move me to change the system are my players, with this new scheme there are some men that will enjoy of more freedom.�

If Lotina was having problems with Fabricio, Juande Ramos is living a similar situation with Saviola, the Argentine is asking for a solution for him since he is not playing, something that was answered by the coach, �It is normal to see him complaining. I like players that aren’t feeling comfortable, not the ones that don’t care when they don’t play. They must be ambitious, because in a team like Real Madrid, full of quality people, if a player wants to perform every Sunday, then he will have to search for an exit or for an inferior squad.�

Later the Andalusian admitted that he still doubtful about the appearance of Cannavaro in the starting lineup, this due the physical problems of the Italian, however he is hoping to repeat the same lineup of past weeks, �Cannavaro has some problems when he strikes the ball, but he is fine in physical sense. Anyway I will wait for the last call of the doctors in order to take a decision. Since we are playing every seven days, I have the chance to repeat the lineup, this because there’s a lot of time to rest, and I believe that I must consolidate the team before fulfilling any experiment.�

Juande Ramos also talked about the situation at Deportivo, �Today Depor is under construction, but it’s a team involved in the fight for Europe.� And ended saying that he is not afraid about what could happen if a new president arrives, �No matter what can occur, my presence at Real Madrid will stay in my resume life. I am not scared if the new guy arriving tells me to go.�



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