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26 Jan 2009
No matter the defeat, Lotina and his players left the Bernab?u feeling positive sensations due the work done on the pitch. Meanwhile Bodipo was assuring that he will be out for at least one month. Almost everybody at Depor was convinced that Depor deserved the draw.

No matter the defeat, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was feeling satisfied for the impression left by his team on the pitch, ?It was important to give a positive impression after the latest results. We have achieved that. There are honourable defeats and this is one of them. I believe we are now reinforced after leaving the Bernab?u. We knew that in order to obtain something positive, we had to make a huge effort and take advantage of our opportunities. Real Madrid barely had chances, just at the end, moment in which we were a little disordered. We didn’t have too much in the first part. We didn’t have the needed punch, but we did what we had to do.?

Later the Basque trainer had complains about the attitude of the boys that are responsible of the balls at the stadium, ?I had a defect, and it’s that I live to be a sporting man. When we had to throw the ball in, there was no ball or any boy to pass a ball. In the other hand, they were showing up when (Real) Madrid was the one doing the throw-in. In life you need to have class. I don’t like these things. We all do our little tricks, but these facts talk about the gentlemen’s behaviour and I believe that (Real) Madrid is above this. But maybe to win a game is more important.?

Lotina also talked about the injury of Bodipo, ?It seems serious, but we need to wait forty eight hours to know how much time he will be out.? Finally, he insisted about the lack of punch at his squad, ?There were phases in the first half in which we suffered too much losses and we were locked at the back, we were too nervous. However, we are leaving reinforced because we have shown personality.?

Rodolfo Bodipo was explaining the injury that he suffered, ?I stretched too much to reach the ball, I thought Cannavaro wouldn’t reach it. Then I felt a strong ?crack’, suddenly I knew that I couldn’t continue and that I will miss several matches. We will know more in 48 hours, but I expect to be out between one and one and a half month.?

The Guinean was trying to be positive despite the injury, ?We must take the injury with philosophy, trying to look the brighter side of it, and later to try to return to the team. We must raise the head in order to go up. We left a positive impression, we had the game controlled during the first part and we were fine in the second. Now, against Villarreal, we must try to win and later, against rivals from our league, we must achieve victories, yes or yes.?

Gustavo Mun??a played a game for the first time in a year, the Uruguayan was sharing his impressions of the game with reporters, ?It was a tight game with fewer occasions to score. We improved in the second part, we made combinations, and we saw those positive things that led us to caress the draw. I was mad after the goal because it wasn’t a corner-kick, it was one of them who threw the ball out during a dispute with Manuel Pablo. Beyond that action, I think we could have obtained something more, because we played well in the second half.?

Midfielder Antonio Tom??s shared the opinion of Mun??a as he appointed that Deportivo deserved more on this match, ?We have tried to play football and we were aggressive, but in the first half they had one clear chance and it was goal.?

Mista, who returned after been out for one month due to injury reasons, was affirming that Deportivo deserved the draw after the things made during the game, ?I believe that taking in mind the development of the game, the fairest thing was a draw. Now its time to analyse, to know what we did wrong and to know what’s the way we must follow in order to leave this negative moment.?

Juan Carlos Valer??n was explaining why Deportivo wasn’t able to score the equaliser during the game, ?We didn’t have the needed effectiveness to harm (Real) Madrid, and if you want to defeat them, you have to score goals. But we have to keep growing and maturing.?

Filipe Luis, one of the best men for Depor, wasn’t worried for the series of defeats suffered in the latest games, ?Neither is something to be alert. We have said that we needed to reach this series of games with an important difference of points in order to have tranquility, and that’s what we have done. The team played well, I believe everybody has shown the face, we lost, these are tough games and the normal thing is to suffer these defeats. Now it’s time to face the second round and it must be the same than the first.?

Joan Verd?? was feeling happy because he played alongside Valer??n, ?It’s always a pleasure to play with him, and he likes the combinative game like I do. We enjoyed several opportunities and we must remember that we made a nice game, that’s the image we must keep and not down the arms.?

At Real Madrid, coach Juande Ramos denied to comment about Lotina’s complains related to the kids that reach the ball at the stadium, ?It’s a fact that I didn’t notice, because I am focused in the game. I didn’t see it.? Later he emphasised that the important thing is to win the games, and not the way used for it, ?We want to win the matches and play in the best possible way. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it isn’t. against Depor we did a solid first half, the second was worse. We could have scored more goals, but it was not possible. At least we resolved the game.?

Royston Drenthe, one of the most criticised players at Real Madrid at this moment of the season, was feeling sorry for the whistles against him, ?Everyday, when I go back home, I think about what’s happening to me, because I want to give more to Real Madrid. Now I am really sad and I know these are things of football, I must be strong and find support for myself in all the people that want to see me leaving this negative moment.?




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