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30 Jan 2009
Three well know coaches analysed the new tactical system implemented by Lotina. Radomir Antic, Arsenio Iglesias and Luis C?sar talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the ?pyramidal’ scheme that Lotina used at the Bernab?u and that will be probably tested against Villarreal.

It’s now a sure thing that coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina will use a 4-3-2-1 formation against Villarreal during Sunday’s game against Villarreal (17h00 CET), this after the tests made between Thursday and Friday. The idea of the Basque coach is to maintain the scheme that suffered a defeat with Real Madrid, but that at the same time, left positive impressions over the grass. It’s a pyramidal figure with three pivotes and two playmakers, the only expected novelties are Riki and Aranzubia, men that should replace Bodipo and Mun??a.

And no matter the new system has only been used once, it has already called the attention of the media. On Friday newspaper Xornal De Galicia talked with three well know coaches about the advantages and disadvantages of the system. These wise men are Radomir Antic, Arsenio Iglesias and Luis C?sar.

The current coach of Serbia, Radomir Antic, has a long experience working in Spain, he wanted to emphasise the role of Valer??n in this scheme: ?With Valer??n on the pitch, Depor has more offensive alternatives. Against Real Madrid, he gave two impressive passes to Bodipo, who later went out injured. That was a big problem for Deportivo. If the striker would have stayed on the pitch, and alongside the contribution of Valer??n, the result could have been different, but surely the system is promising.? About the disadvantages of the system, Antic said: ?We will see it with the pass of the games, but Depor could have problems talking in terms of recuperation of the ball. It’s always necessary to search for a balance in a team, but Lotina knows better the skills of his squad.?

Luis Cesar, former coach of Racing Ferrol, N??stic and confessed admirer of Deportivo, considered that’s positive to be switching the systems, ?It’s very good to see the players of Depor are prepared to play in different systems. This 4-3-3 is a scheme in which the roles are changing according to the players you have on the pitch. The clear example is Barca, it always uses the same draw, but it’s not the same to play with Eto’o, Messi and Henry up front, than to do it with Bojan, Gudjohnsen and Iniesta. Each player has different characteristics. As example Valer??n or Verd??, who have a lot of quality, but at the same time, it is necessary to see the team not suffering in defense. The coach must optimize the resources and Lotina knows what can be offered by every player.?

Finally, Arsenio Iglesias, legendary coach of Depor and founder of the ?Superdepor’, was saying that the system will be worthy only if secures positive results, ?At the end it’s what matters. If a team works with this system, the logical thing is to keep it. Anyway, it isn’t necessary to be stuck with the board all the time. The draw is fine as a starting point, but during any match, there are a lot of variants and they can be modified, though it’s clear you need a reference.?



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