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30 Jan 2009
President Lendoiro negotiated with Sergio’s father the renewal of his son’s contract. The Catalan midfielder is aware the negotiation will be complicated, but he’s optimistic about reaching an agreement. Sergio is the third player ending contract in June and that has been already contacted by the club, this after the first conversations with Manuel Pablo and Verd?? took place in the previous months.

Deportivo slowly continues with the negotiations searching to renew the contract of the players that are ending their periods in June. The club already started the conversations with Joan Verd?? and Manuel Pablo though the discussions have not yet reached any agreement. Now Depor is ready to open a third front: midfielder Sergio Gonz??lez.

On Friday’s night, president Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro and the father of the player, Avelino Gonz??lez, had a meeting in order to have the first conversations about this matter. Sergio ends his contract with the Galician club in June, but a clause in the contract allows Depor to fulfill an automatic renewal for one additional year, however the amount of the wages stipulated in the clause are too high for the club’s possibilities and it is expected that Lendoiro will not use the clause.

That’s why he decided to negotiate with the father and agent of the Catalan midfielder, last night’s meeting just represented the first contact in order to study the positions of both parties. According to the media, the idea of the player and his father is to ask for a two-year contract, while Lendoiro will probably just offer one year, same case that’s blocking the new deal with Manuel Pablo.

The position of Sergio was confirmed by the player himself during a conversation with Sportpaper AS, �I have always said that what I want is to play this campaign plus two additional seasons at the highest level. I hope my next contract will be of at least two years, and since that point, everything else will be welcomed with open arms.�

Later the Catalan analysed what are the possibilities about his continuity at Depor, �I see my future with tranquility. I am calmed and hopeful; I know this is a tough negotiation. I am expecting to see what happens, I have always said that I already know until which point can Depor goes, also how far can I go. Between those parameters, I believe there won’t be a problem.�

About the sporting situation, Sergio said that he was feeling sorry for not taking part of the game against Real Madrid, â€?To not play at the Bernab?©u was a big disappointment. I don’t know if it was an accident or not, but each time the squad fulfils a horrible game, I don’t take part in the next game. I guess this is part of been Sergio. After the games with Sporting (0-3), Atl?©tico (1-4) and Barcelona (0-5), I didn’t play. It seems that when we made a bad job, it’s my turn. But we must raise the head and think of Villarreal.â€?



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