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03 Feb 2009
The act of scoring goals continues to be the main headache for Deportivo: Despite the current position in the table, Lotina’s squad continues to suffer the same problem that has affected the squad during recent seasons, so far Depor is the worst scorer among the Spanish teams in a European position.

The lack of goals has been the old problem that has affected Deportivo in recent seasons, since the season 2004/2005, the Galician squad has not scored more than 47 goals in one single liga campaign (average of 1.24 goals per match), distant mark from the 60 goals scored in the years of the Champions League or the record of 73 achieved on the season 2000/2001.

And this season does not look different, because Depor has only scored 26 times after 21 matches; this means exactly the same average of past seasons: 1.24 goals per match. Maybe the difference this time is that Deportivo is occupying a European spot, but big part of the job is thanks to the defensive solidity showed in big part of the season, as the squad already achieved nine clean sheets after twenty one liga encounters (42% of the games).

But the problem still exists. The 26 goals of Depor represent the worst scoring mark between the six top teams in Spain; actually it’s the eighth worst mark among the 20 teams at Primera Divisi??n. And the situation is the same comparing the number with the rest of big leagues in Europe (Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Premier League and Serie A), because between the six top teams in all those leagues, only Stade Renais FC  (25) and Toulouse FC (23) in France have less goals scored than this Deportivo.

The diagnosis of the problem is also an old story: lack of chances against the opposite goal. Depor has made 262 shots during this liga season, mark that only represents the 11th best record at Primera, at the same time the squad has fulfilled 99 shots on target, also the 11th best record at Primera. Not so impressive numbers for a team that aspires to end in a European position.




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