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04 Feb 2009
After Wednesday’s training, coach Lotina talked with reporters and analysed the present of Deportivo. He commented the upcoming confrontation with Mallorca and also the recent accusations of Aouate. He also talked about the renewals of players that are ending contract in June.

The Basque coach declared that his intention is to continue playing with the same type of game displayed against Villarreal, ?We have talked with the players and what we want is to keep playing well. Right now we must try to keep that regularity, to see that our football and attitude are good. It’s important to continue on this way, and that we will fulfill a nice match at Mallorca.?

He admitted that Mallorca will be a tough opponent no matter is a team currently in relegation, ?They need the points. When you are down there, you are a little overwhelmed. The difference in the table is too short. For us the three points are also important in order to keep living among the top places. It’s always difficult to play at Primera and especially in the second round when all the teams are facing more needs.?

And it’s that Depor’s coach considers that Mallorca has enough potential to be in a better position, ?This year we are surprised to see the three teams that are down there, nobody thought it in September. I would now bet 10 to 1 that those three teams won't end relegated, not even two. The league is very long and my experience tells me that those squads are made for higher things and the differences of points are narrow."

Lotina denied the accusations of Aouate after the Israeli keeper blamed him for his exit from Deportivo, "No player can reclaim anything to me related to the work, and about treating him well ... They can blame me for not having continuity, which can be the accusation made by 15 men each matchday. But I have a way of being and I have always been fair in dealing with all the players. I considered that Dudu did not have to play and that’s why I did not put him. I have shown that who yields is who plays, I left the whims for other things outside of my profession.?

At the same time, the Me?aka-born coach didn’t want to talk about the European aspirations of Depor, he prefers to focus his efforts in the improvement of the team, ?We are in a time where if we talk about permanence, it doesn’t correspond to the reality of the standings and the game of the team. Talking about other things, I think it’s too much; we must talk of improvement in the individual aspect, and that the team should continue to transmit those feelings. About goals, we will have time in the last five matchdays to talk about goals. The teams that make this now end distracted, and we, whenever we had distraction, have ended screwed. When we were concentrated, we have done well."

He is also sure that Depor’s players still have to reach their top form, ?Right now there is no player at the squad that still can’t improve. Lafita still can improve. Valer??n still can add more and the same goes for Riki. We put the rest of the team in the same bag, for their good and the one of the rest of the team.?

Another subject analysed by Lotina were the renewals of the players that end contract in June, "I am concerned. But let's be calm and we should give time to time. It is important to keep the calm, if I am nervous it seems that everyone is nervous. I want to keep them, I said it before and the president knows it, but my decision to stay does not depend on this. Success depends on the individual group, if we end at the top places, they will have more offers and it will be less likely to see them staying. Hopefully we would end third; succeeding and everybody could have offers."

The novelty was that Lotina assured that Pablo Amo and Mun??a are not discarded for a possible renewal, ?They are not discarded, but we will wait. Those renewals are not on the table now. Like the case of Pablo ?lvarez. Sometimes the players do not renew because they have a superior offer or because they want to play more and prefer to go to another team in order to feel important."



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