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04 Feb 2009
Striker Joshua from Juvenil A is near to break the record of goals at his team. He added two during the weekend taking his season tally to 18. With nine games still in the schedule, he is very close to break the mark imposed by Hugo Garc?a during the past season (22).

Joshua Corrales Regueiro has scored the impressive number of 39 goals within the last eighteen months. The Ponferrada-born-striker was signed from Villarreal two years ago after he broke one of his ankles, now that he’s totally recovered, the youngster is near to break the scoring record at Deportivo Juvenil A.

He has scored 18 goals during the 21 games of the current season (Deportivo Juvenil A), that means just three less goals than the mark imposed by Hugo Garc?a on the past season, and just one less than the mark conquered by Xisco on the season 2005/2006. Taking in mind that Joshua still has to play nine more games in Divisi??n de Honor, it’s almost a fact that he will break the record.

Joshua, who is currently 19, is one of the main candidates to be promoted to Fabril for the next season. He talked on Monday with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a about the goals scored with Juvenil A, ?I have scored in all the possible ways, with the exception of penalties. I have good team mates who send good passes. We are a team that’s well placed on the pitch.?

But the main target of Joshua is to end first in the group and play the Champions League of the category, currently Juvenil A is five points below Celta Juvenil A and the striker is anticipating the game against Celta, ?I believe they will go down. If Joselu, their main striker, plays with Celta B, they lose potential. Besides they still have to play at Abegondo (March 15) and if we bet them, we will pass them due the goal-average.?



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