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21 Feb 2009
During Friday it was highly speculated that Omar Bravo was near to go back to Mexico, and on Saturday coach Lotina gave for granted the player will go out during next week, this no matter the injury problems at the squad. His destiny seems to be Tigres de Monterrey in Mexico.

Enrique Borja, the president of Tigres said that he was waiting for a response from Depor and that Friday was the deadline to fulfill the transfer of Omar Bravo. However, the plague of injuries currently affecting Deportivo has delayed the final decision until next week.

Borja confirmed to Mexican reporters that he presented an offer to Deportivo and that the Galician club presented a contra-offer, proposition that was already answered by the Mexican team, ?There’s a good will in A Coru?a –says Borja- but their pretensions are too high.? However, the media confirmed that both parties continued negotiated late on Friday and it seems an agreement is near to occur, the deal will be a loan operation with a buyout option for Tigres.

The possible exit of is a big change in the plans of Lotina, at the beginning the Basque coach  was counting with the player, but he decided to release Omar as soon as he talked to him. Something that the coach himself explained to newspaper Xornal de Galicia, ?The player is willing to leave and that for me is fundamental. I always listen the players. On the past week I talked to the player and he told me he had a low morale, therefore if he considers that the best option is an exit, fine.?

Later Lotina analysed the case again during the press conference before the game with Valencia, ?He told me that he wants to leave, he is not fine, and he is not feeling comfortable. It happened the same to him when he was at the national team, and now he wants to return to Mexico in order to feel important again. He’s a great guy and we must understand that he wants to go back, in the summer we will see if he returns or not. As a person, he has his own inquires and I must listen to him, he believes the best thing is to leave, he’s sad, he is not feeling comfortable. There’s a serious interest from a Mexican team, and he believes this is the best decision for his near future, on Monday God will tell and Lendoiro too.? Lotina said.

Omar Bravo’s exit should be confirmed on Monday, and it represents a step-back in his career after spending just seven months in Europe, besides is a new complication in the plans of Lotina for the upcoming clash against Aalborg BK. Deportivo need four goals and a clean sheet to advance and it might be forced to face the match without any striker at the squad, this since Riki, Bodipo and Mista are injured, while Lassad is not inscribed in the competition. In the beginning, the position could be for Bodipo, player that was picked for the game against Valencia no matter he is not 100% fit to play.



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