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23 Feb 2009
No matter Depor deserved the victory, Lotina and the players gave the point as a positive thing. Piscu dedicated his goal to his family, while Lendoiro gave as granted the exit of Omar Bravo. At Valencia, everybody was complaining against P?rez Burrull.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina was feeling satisfied with the result, this no matter he was saying that Depor deserved a little more in the game, ?I believe the draw is fair, but we also deserved to win because we made a little more on the pitch. We were really focused and would have loved to win, because we are missing a victory since a while ago, but the concentration and the passion that we put on the pitch has left me satisfied.?

The Basque coach was also praising the level showed by Lassad, one of the best players in the game, ?It gives the impression that he plays better at Primera Divisi??n than at the B squad, it’s something that occurs to other players. He released several shots and completed some crosses coming from behind; we are very content with Lassad. If he continues to play like this, Tito (Ramallo) could start forgetting about him.?

Later the Me?aka-born trainer assured that Lassad will stay at his squad, this no matter the recoveries of Riki and Bodipo, ?Bodipo is now ready to play and Riki will return soon. It’s the best news, because we have more from where to choose. Evidently Lassad will continue with us.? He also explained why Valer??n wasn’t a starter, ?He is fit to play during the complete game, but not with that freshness that makes him so special.?

Finally, Lotina had a few words about the work of referee P?rez Burrull, ?He was coming after a tough situation, after been one month sidelined, and I don’t think is fair to pressure him in that way. I told my players to talk to him with respect and to not create any polemic; everybody must face its own conscience.?

Juan Carlos Valer??n was trying to look to the brighter side of the result, ?We should be content for the effort and not for been losing the game. The best thing is that we came back after been losing the match. Now we all think of a back-to-back result against Aalborg.?

Laure, who made a decent job at the right-back position, was saying that Deportivo deserved the three points, ?We have deserved more, because we have attacked in more occasions, especially in the second half. They are just leaving with too much reward.?

Central defender Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ celebrated his first goal as a Deportivo’s player, just days after he played his worst game at the squad, ?I am very content, because I debuted as scorer in front of my people. The draw leaves us with a bittersweet taste in the mouth. We were fine and had enough chances to win the game. I believe we deserved the victory. We must be content with out work, because Valencia is a great team. We were playing for a lot of things and it was known that it was going to be a tough game.?

Later the Galician central defender dedicated the goal to his family, ?They are the ones that support you in the darkest moments.? Piscu also assured that he feels more comfortable playing at the centre of the defence, ?That’s my normal position, but I must play whenever the coach tells me to do it, to follow the orders that he considers are the right ones.?

Lassad was praised by the media due to his work, the striker was talking about his own performance, ?Little by little, I’m feeling better, but it was a pity I didn’t score. But it’s true that it isn’t important who scores the goals, because the important thing is the squad. When you play alongside great players, the normal thing is to feel, each day, more comfortable.?

Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was also giving the draw as a positive result for Deportivo, ?We have demonstrated that we could play really well, and that we only missed more effectiveness. Besides, these rivals always give troubles at the Riazor. The public was also important because thanks to them, the team never fell down at any moment.?

The president also confirmed that the exit of Omar Bravo is near to occur, ?He will be loaned to Tigres with a buyout option. Tomorrow we should have a resolution about the destiny of Omar. Until now it has been difficult due the games we faced in mid-week and the subject still in progress. He is a star in Mexico, and I guess he is not happy on here if he is not playing.?

On Monday, Daniel Aranzubia was feeling sorry because he thinks that Deportivo deserved the victory, ?We all would have liked to achieve the three points, the team deserved it. We completed a solid first half, we stepped into the area of Valencia, but we weren’t effective against the goal.? Later he denied any provocation to Villa in the play of the expulsion, ?I reached the ball first and he hit me. There wasn’t any provocation, besides Villa is a veteran striker and should not be involved in those things, at least in my case, I didn’t provoke him.? 

At Valencia, Unai Emery was blaming the referee instead of his own players for the result, ?He was more severe with us, because Depor’s fouls weren’t whistled and its players weren’t booked. Our (fouls) meant cards and the second of Villa was totally unfair. It was a provocation from the keeper, who searched for the play. Besides, the free-kick that originated their goal wasn’t a real foul, because Michel was chasing the ball.? 

David Villa was also complaining about the work of P?rez Burrull, ?In the first yellow card, I went to the bench because I received a blow and I wanted warmth. They told me that I couldn’t leave the pitch due the rules and that’s why I threw myself to the ground. I don’t know why he showed me a yellow; he didn’t explain it to me. The second was a foul of the keeper over me, I was just standing there and he hit me.?

Alexis S??nchez, who returned to the squad after several weeks out, was giving the point as a positive thing no matter he things the foul that caused the equalising goal was inexistent, ?It’s always important to pick up some points playing away from home, but I think we could have done more to avoid the goal of Deportivo. Their goal came after a foul that it wasn’t, so we are leaving a little sad because we missed three points that we already had.?



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