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04 Mar 2009
Pablo ?lvarez and Verd?? seem close to sign their extensions of contract, while Sergio, De Guzm??n, Pablo Amo and Manuel Pablo are waiting for novelties. The only player that ends his contract in June and that won’t continue at Depor is Mun??a.

A lot of information was published on Wednesday related to the situation with the seven cases of Depor’s players (plus the coach) that are ending contract in June of the present year. There are important novelties in a couple of cases while others are still in a dead point. The following is a resume of the latest information in each case:

According to La Voz de Galicia, Depor is offering an extension of two years to the winger. Something that was confirmed by the agent of the player, Jos? Luis Tamargo, who assured that he already had two meetings with Lendoiro, one in Madrid and the other in La Coru?a. According to the Galician paper, ?lvarez will prefer to sign for three years instead of two. Besides there are differences related to the economic offer.

But the main concern for the player is the ?sporting issue’, Tamargo told to La Voz, that the player is worried, because he is not entering into the plans of Lotina (the player has only disputed 915 minutes in the three competitions on the season). But an important factor should be the future of Angel Lafita; his expected exit to Zaragoza will mean more minutes for ?The Shark’. According to La Voz de Galicia, of the six players that are ending contract in June; this is the renewal that’s more close to be fulfilled.

This is another renewal that seems close to be signed, the agent of the midfielder, Javier ?M??gico’ D?az, talked to newspaper El Ideal Gallego and revealed that he is confident about the continuity of Verd?? in la Coru?a, ?I am confident that the operation will be fulfilled, of course I know how Lendoiro is when he negotiates, but I think there won’t be a problem.?

Later D?az revealed that the economic issue is one of main points to discuss and that he already had several meetings with Lendoiro, ?Until now I have had five reunions wit the president of Deportivo, and I already traveled three times to La Coru?a, for this reason I can tell you that we already accelerated some things and that there won’t be a problem. We know the player is at the right age, and we will like to sign a good contract, but we don’t know if it will be a long-term deal. Verd?? still young but he already is 25, we can’t negotiate as he was 19 or 29.?

The Catalan midfielder won’t have a problem to low his wages in order to continue at Depor, the problem is that the father and agent of Sergio, Avelino Gonz??lez, was surprised when he saw the amount offered by Lendoiro during the lonely meeting had between both parts. He was a expecting a reduction in the proposition, but not so low. For the moment Avelino told to La Voz De Galicia that he’s expecting for a new meeting with Lendoiro, while he revealed that nobody from other clubs have talked to him, though he has heard some ?rumours’.

Sportpaper AS printed on Wednesday that Valencia has asked about the situation of the Canarian defender. His agent, Antonio Morales, talked with the Madrilenian source and assured that Valencia is just one of the options studied so far, ?We have several open things, but nothing is closed. There are teams from Spain and the outside; those cases are at a 50%.? He said.

However, Morales leaves an open door to Depor, ?Lendoiro tried to contact me on the past week, but it wasn’t possible. So I will call him this night or tomorrow to keep advancing in the negotiations. Depor still as the priority and if they offer us a minimal thing, Manuel will stay. That’s what he wants.? According to AS, the difference between both parts are the economical terms and the duration of the new contract, Depor was offering two more years while the Canarian wanted three. AS predicts that Manuel Pablo will end accepting two years, but not a ?1+1 deal?, this means a contract for one year plus an option to renew it for an additional year.

This is the most mysterious case of the seven players that are ending contract. Lotina wants the Canadian for the squad of the season 2009/2010, but so far no approach has been made. Julian already said in public that’s weird to not have received any communication from the club. It seems the problem is at the side of the player, more precisely with the agent -Rodger Linse- Because Lendoiro told to reporters that it was him who didn’t want to have a meeting with the club, this after Depor tired to arrange a meeting with him. A factor that could be blocking an approach is that the agent of De Guzm??n presented a demand against the club due to some unpaid image rights.

The defender played again on Sunday after been out for nine months due to a complication on his pubalgy case. His agent, Rodrigo Fern??ndez, told to newspaper El Ideal Gallego that he already received offers from Turkey and Greece (apparently Olympiakos), but that the Madrilenian defender will prefer to stay at Depor though he hasn’t been contacted by the club, ?The priority of the player is to continue in La Coru?a, place where he has been treated well. He feels thankful with the club. For the moment they haven’t contacted us, but it’s normal. Before, they will prefer to talk with the others that are ending contract and that are currently playing, men like Manuel Pablo and Sergio. The player will decide in the next three or four weeks where he wants to play on the next season, for the moment he will like to have a contract for three or four years.?

Probably the most clear case. The Uruguayan was sidelined from the squad since his fight with Aouate, but he was forbidden after Canarian Fabricio was sidelined too due to differences with his contract. But it is just a temporary measure, because he will leave during the summer. Depor has been tried to get rid of him since a couple of years ago, but his agent, Jos? Luis Zalazar, wasn’t able to close a deal with Nacional in a couple of opportunities.

Depor’s coach is also ending his contract in June, and no matter that both parts already said that they will love to sign a new deal, the fact is that the new contract hasn’t been signed yet. Apparently there are ?small’ differences that were stronger enough to block the deal, AS predicts that Lendoiro will meet the agent of the Basque coach, I?aki Ib???ez, in the next days, meeting that would occur in Madrid and that could be the definitive one.



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