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09 Mar 2009
Everything was happiness for the victory, the players emphasised the spirit of the squad and also that this was the first back-to-back win on the season. At Racing, the coach and players were convinced they lost the match due the poor performance of the second half.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina was satisfied for the win at the Riazor, ?We have joined the party of the giant clubs, like the song says, there’s a lot of Coca Cola and a several pretty girls. Let’s see if at the end, we can take the Coca Cola and also the pretty girl.? However, he admitted that Depor did several things wrong in the game, ?We have some pretty stuff and other bad things, and my work is to improve the bad things. We need to be a better team. This time we allowed too many  occasions to the rival, and some of them were pretty easy ones.?

Later the coach explained what the key for the victory was, ?Beyond fulfilling an offensive bet, we have changed our style of playing. In the first half we were very wrong, and we talked to the players at half-time. We wanted to play by the centre, but they had a lot of people there and they were feeling very comfortable. But in the second part, we searched for the back of their defence, with the passes of Laure and Filipe, and that was the key, besides to the effectives of our strikers.?

The fans protested when Lassad was replaced, but Lotina explained the case, ?He played because I decided to do it, but he should have rested. I didn’t want to risk with  Riki since the beginning, though Lassad was with an important muscular problem. No matter what, he brings important things and we are enchanted with him.?
Another thing that called the attention were the comments of Lotina related to Lafita, ?He brings depth and goal, we will miss him on the next year.?

The same ?ngel Lafita was expressing his happiness because Depor achieved the first back-to-back win of the season, ??We know how to hold on at every second and it was important since we came from behind, which was our only error on the season. We can’t praise the work of a single player, but the performance of the whole squad. I remind with the result, the sacrifice and the support from the people.?

Juan Rodr?guez was happy with his new goal in liga, though he didn’t like the fact that Depor allowed three goals at the Riazor, ?We all love to score goals, although it’s not the main worry. I just hope we won’t allow three goals at home again.?

Iv??n S??nchez Rico ?Riki’ was the revulsive that Depor needed in the second half, he was remembering the last time in which he scored two goals in a single game, ?The last time I scored two goals in one game was against Getafe. The important thing is that the squad knew how to react. Besides, I was lucky to score twice. It’s something to be happy. I just hope it will be like that all the time. To score is always good after been stopped fro a month. Now we must go to Gij??n for the three points.? Finally, he confessed that he dedicated his goal to his wife, Jezabel, who is pregnant.

Playmaker Juan Carlos Valer??n was also showing his happiness for the sweet moment lived by Depor, ?It’s a situation to be happy. We must try to continue like this, following this line, and let’s see what happens. Against racing we made a match of ups and downs, and that’s why we had so many goals.?

Similar was the speech of president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro, ?Today, the most important thing, beyond the result, was the way in which we achieved it against a dangerous rival.? Asked abut the renewal of Lotina, the president answered, ?The fact we haven’t signed  the deal tells that we need to keep talking, and we already have a great relationship.?

Meanwhile, on Monday, it was confirmed that Albert Lopo suffered a Lumbalgia problem during the game, it isn’t related to the hernia injured suffered by the Catalan at the middle of the past season. More precisely his problem is a muscle strain (tear) at the low back, the doctors will follow his case and it isn’t know how much time he will be out of action, but in the beginning it’s expected he will be out fro a week.

At Racing, coach Juan Ram??n L??pez Mu?iz was saying that his team lost the game after a distraction of just ten minutes, ?We lost the match in ten minutes. We did an excellent job during the first part, and in the second everything was wasted. They were very effective, five chances and five goals. I don’t remember any occasion for them that was missed. It’s impossible to win when they score so many goals in a few minutes. It’s weird to score three times away from home and not to win the game. We knew we were facing a rival that knows to score goals at any opportunity, and that’s what they did.?

Attacker Toni Moral couldn’t find an explanation to what occurred to Racing during the second half, ?Racing was an ordered team until now, we can’t explain how we allowed four goals in seventeen minutes, and we can’t explain it. It was painful. We have been  solid block during all this time, a squad with the lines really closed and this should remain as an accident.?

Peter Luccin was also speechless about the result, ?We did a very complete first half, in the end we could have scored two more goals, even more, and it’s a pity, because we could have ended without allowing goals, and then the game would have been different. We can’t allow goals, they were playing at home, but after the 2-2, they can’t score five times against us.?





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