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14 Mar 2009
Lotina still searching for his first victory over Manolo Preciado, this after four previous confrontations. The Basque is hoping to bring a victory as a tribute to the fans traveling to Gij??n, while the Cantabrian wants to improve the results of his team when it plays at home.

Manuel ?Manolo’ Preciado Rebolledo is an ex-Spanish player that made almost his entire career playing for Racing Santander. During the year 1995, he debuted as the coach of Gimn??stica de Torrelavega, team that was playing at Tercera Divisi??n and that was promoted to Segunda B thanks to the efforts of Preciado. Later he coached the first and the second squad of Racing and arrived to Sporting Gij??n during the year 2006. This is the second time in which Preciado achieves a promotion to the elite as he did it before with Levante during the 2003/2004 campaign.

So far, Preciado and Lotina have met in four occasions. All of those confrontations occurred at Primera Division and all of them won by the Cantabrian coach. A curiosity is that in those four encounters, the teams of Lotina were unable to score a goal. The first one was played on the season 2002/2003 as Preciado’s Racing defeated Lotina’s Celta with a 3-0 score (matchday 14). The following two confrontations occurred in the 2005/2006 campaign. Preciado returned to Racing for that season, while Lotina was working with RCD Espanyol,  Preciado’s Racing won at El Sardinero (1-0, matchday 04) and later at Montjuic (2-0, matchday 23). And the situation was repeated on this season as Preciado’s Sporting trashed Lotina’s Depor early in the first round (3-0, matchday 08).

Depor’s coach gave a pres conference on Saturday, just after the last training session and previous to the trip to Gij??n. He was aware of the big number of fans traveling with the team and was hopeful about a victory, ?These are pretty games. It’s a short journey for our fans and that gives us the responsibility. When you know that your fans are going to spend some hours in the road, and that they will spend their money on it, you are willing to achieve a good result, let’s see if we are capable of rewarding their effort.?

He also analysed the level of the rival, Sporting Gij??n, ?It’s truly amazing to see that Sporting hasn’t draw any game, we neither are a team with a lot of draws. They are a squad possessing special characteristics that corresponds to any recent comer club. They are daring. They know how to overcome the blows and are always looking to the opposite goal.?

The Basque trainer was comparing the performance of both teams and assured that both sides have presented an irregular face on the liga competition, ?We are also very irregular, we have made games in which we were terrible, and others in which we were very solid. A similar thing occurs to them, though they have never had a foot at Segunda.?

Lotina was also commenting about the fact that Estrella Galicia is now the new shirt sponsor of Deportivo, he was asked if hen knew about this since in a previous press conference, at the start of the week, he joked about that beer brand, ?We have commented the case, people would think it was prepared. It is good news; it is a company from the land with a very good product. I believe the fans are going to like it.?

Sporting’s coach talked on Friday during a press conference, he was admitting that the only change in the formation will be the entry of Ra??l Camara in the place of suspended Sastre, while he was not worried because Michel and Lafuente were facing some small issues ?The issue of I?aki is for prescription, while Michel suffered a blow in a painful sector as the tendon. Both are minor cases.?

Later the Cantabrian manager warned about the offensive potential of Deportivo, ?They have addec an extraordinary number of points, and they are above stronger teams like Valencia or Atletico Madrid. They suffered due the thing in UEFA, but they ended winning with this situation, like when they scored five times against Racing. I won’t compare the game with ours, but I’m worried about their sparkle and quality to define up front.?

For Preciado, a key man at Deportivo is Valer??n, player that he praised, ?I will like to see him playing, because he’s an extraordinary player and it’s always joyful to see him over a football pitch. He, alongside Riki, turned things upside-down during the past match, and he was fine.?

Despite the potential of Depor, the coach of Sporting knows the goal of the permanence is passing through a solid performance at home, ?If we do the right things, we can win. It’s a good occasion to achieve the victory and reach the 33 points mark. We can win, draw or lose… well… maybe not a draw (he laughed). We must have the needed calm at the good and bad moments, but it’s also true that to win this game will be very useful. We still have to play seven games at home, I prefer to play at home and certify on here the salvation. No matter we lost several games on here, El Molin??n must be the fortress in order to achieve the permanence and this is our first challenge.?

Preciado was also commenting the general idea that Sporting has been very irregular on the liga season, ?It looks like we need to be in the mud in order to go up. We are missing regularly though we must remember we are just a recent comer, a team with zero-cost in terms of reinforcements, and with the only goal of ending the season with three teams below us.?

He was also despising the fact that 3,000 fans of Depor are planning to witness the match at El Molin??n stadium, ?They will have 3,000 supporters, but we will have more than 20,000. In that sense we are winning for sure. I hope we will be able to win, but also to see Depor’s fans having a. enjoyable visit.?



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