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19 Mar 2009
Lotina is preparing the same team that was defeated by Sporting Gij??n at El Molin??n. This means the third time on the season in which the coach is repeating a lineup in straight games. Meanwhile, Betis is recovering Mark Gonz??lez for the Riazor, but is losing Pavone.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, coach Miguel Angel Lotina was preparing the home confrontation against Real Betis (Sunday, 17h00 CET). And the novelty is that the Basque coach is not presenting any novelty in the lineup. This means to repeat the squad that lost at El Molin??n, a rarity on this season since Lotina already used 40 different lineups in the liga games, and as he has only repeated the same starting squad in straight matches during two opportunities (Malaga-Valladolid and Recreativo-Getafe-Sevilla)

All appoints that Aranzubia will stay at the goal, Laure at the right-back position, Colotto and Lopo at the centre of the defence, Filipe on the left side, Sergio and Juan Rodr?guez in midfield, Lafita on the right wing, Verd?? in the playmaking function, Guardado on the left wing, and Lassad as the lonely striker.

On Wednesday, Lotina tested a game of ten against ten, only Filipe, Juan Rodr?guez and Verd?? were the starters at the squad of the ?reserves’ (Mun??a - Barrag??n, Piscu, Pablo Amo, Filipe - Juan Rodr?guez, Verd??, Valer??n, Pablo ?lvarez – Riki). The curiosity is that in the team of the ?starters’, Lotina presented a defensive line with Guardado as a left-back defender, though later the same coach confirmed to reporters that he was just testing some options.

After Thursday’s training session, Diego Colotto talked at the press room and was pointing to the  Champions League as the new target for the season, "Now the relegation and the top places will start to be defined, but Depor must focus in its goal: to win all the games. The Champions (League) is the possibility of a dream."

The Argentine also said that he is now feeling fine as Lotina is staring to trust in him as the replacement of Z? Castro, "I’m happy and excited. It would be nice to come back, we are fighting for the chance to play. I'm feeling well in the last three games and I seek to give all I got, every time I'm more comfortable.  At some point it’s difficult, but you have to work and always think positive when it comes the time to respond in the right way. I never felt so much competition like at Deportivo, it is good for the coach.?

Real Betis, meanwhile, is having important novelties. Starting with the ?miraculous’ recovery of Mark Gonz??lez. On Monday the Chilean playmaker was discarded for the challenge at the Riazor due to a quadriceps problem, but he has trained normally during the week and coach Chaparro is now saying he counts with him. But at the same time, Mariano Pavone has been discarded due to a muscular problem. It is not a major casualty for Chaparro as Pavone isn’t entering in his latest plans in liga. He is now joining Luis Eduardo Schmidt ?Ed??’ (unfit), Jes??s Capitan ?Capi’ (ankle) and Juanma (knee ligaments), the other casualties for the game.



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