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25 Mar 2009
Defender Albert Lopo will face a tough situation on the next weekend, because he is currently trying to clinch a European spot for Depor, and at the same time, he wants to see Espanyol avoiding relegation. He also said that the calendar of the squad will be good only if the players are willing to fight for the best.

After Wednesday’s training session, Albert Lopo talked to reporters at Abegondo press room. He was assuring that he prefers to defeat Espanyol though he also wants to see the Catalans achieving the permanence, "Espanyol is in a difficult situation, something that nobody likes. I've gone through this and it is complicated, but my duties are with Deportivo and I want to defeat Espanyol. I also want to see them saved. I think they have to win seven of the last ten matches and it’s complicated, but hopefully they can stay at Primera.?

And it’s that Lopo spent almost his entire career at Espanyol. He started at the age of 10 and played in all the youth categories of the Catalan club, he even won a title with the first squad: the Copa Del Rey of the season 2005/2006. Totally, he played 178 games with the Catalan side before joining Depor in the summer marker of 2006.

The Catalan was also assuring during his press conference the direct confrontations against Atletico and Malaga could decide the European future of Depor, "All the teams in the fight want to advance, to give that step forward, but none has started yet. If we win against Malaga and Atletico Madrid, it is clear that we will have many more options, but for that, we need to do things right and to have the luck we've had so far."

Despite that people has been saying that Deportivo is having a favourable calendar until the end of season, Lopo was saying that all depends on the players, ?To have a good calendar or not depends on us and in our intentions until the end of season. If the team is relaxed, it will be a bad calendar. If we realize that we can fight for the best, like entering into the Champions League, then the calendar will be good.?

Finally, the central defender was responding to the rumours that have been linked him with a move outside of Depor during the upcoming summer market, ?One thing is the interest of other clubs and is different from a concrete offer. There’s a big difference and I don’t give importance to this at this stage of the season. In my case, there may be a team interested in me, but nothing in particular."



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