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28 Mar 2009
Deportivo is the only Primera club that makes daily evaluations in the heart rate of each one of its players, coach Eduardo Dominguez explained to newspaper La Voz De Galicia the details of these exams. For him it’s a key in order to face this long season.

Each day, the players of Deportivo attend to the training sessions using a device at the chest (pulsometer), that device is used by physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez in order to have a specific idea about the heart rate of each one of the players. The results are used to determine the level of fatigue and the physical effort that Depor’s members can resist.

Dominguez explained to newspaper La Voz de Galicia the importance of these evaluations, "So we know at what point the lactate goes up. This information is related to the speed of the players and then you get the speed of anaerobic threshold, this means the point in which the player starts to suffer muscle fatigue. The higher of the number, more enduring is the player. And the lower, the fatigue appears earlier. Among footballers, it is likely that the speed of the anaerobic threshold is between 13 and 14 kilometers per hour. And all the players at Depor are around that number.�

Depor’s coaching staff has determined that the heart rate of the players is around 165 pulsations per minute, which is �around 70-75% of maximum heart rate of the player� says Dominguez. Since each man has a different measure, the results allow Dominguez to establish a specific routine for each individual, something that helps in order to avoid muscular injuries due the fatigue. Therefore these exams are very important in the planning of the training sessions, especially taking in mind this has been a long season for Depor as the team has disputed three competitions.

This system is only implemented by Depor at Primera Divisi??n, something for which coach Miguel Angel Lotina is proud, �We are the only team in Spain where all the players train every day with a pulsometer. That gives you some great data, we analyzed it every day. There are big teams who are surprised and say: 'How can you do that every day? We do this because Eduardo (Dominguez) is very strict." The Basque said to La Voz.

And the squad accepts the exams as a important thing for the planning of the season, as Piscu explained to La Voz De Galicia �The exams exist to see if there is any anomaly, to see if anyone has more keystrokes or to prevent any anomaly.� Laure was sharing this opinion, "They discuss the results with the ones that aren’t having good beats, but if not, they do not say anything.� The Madrilenian said.



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