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30 Mar 2009
Fabril suffered a lot and only Manu could save a point for the Galician squad. The keeper made several saves and even stopped a penalty, while the equalising goal came thanks to Juan Dominguez and Iv??n P?©rez. No matter the result, the squad still in relegation.

Tito Ramallo continued missing the presence of Chirri and Lassad, while H?©ctor Granado was suspended. For the visit to Barakaldo the coach decided to switch the system to a 4-2-3-1. Basically, the change was made because Aridane was no totally fit for the game. Manu was at the goal, Marcos Caridad played as right-back, while Diego Seoane moved his position to the left covering the place of Granado. The centre of the defence was completed with Juanan and Castillo.

In midfield, Nacho Matador entered to the starting squad and played alongside Rochela in the double pivote figure. Iv??n P?©rez played at the right wing and the big surprise of the evening was to see left-back Arturo Garc?­a at the left wing, it was just the second appearance as starter for the ex-Zaragoza B player. Finally, Juan Dom?­nguez was the playmaker and Hugo Garc?­a the lonely striker.

Barakaldo was coming to this game in a comfortable situation since the team coached by Alberto Iglesias was ninth in the group, the main reference in the squad was Juan Antonio P?©rez â€?Bolo’, the ex-Rayo Vallecano striker that’s the best scorer for the team with seven goals on the season. However, he started on the bench. Also to appoint that Barakaldo was coming to the match after ending scoreless in the last three games.

Deportivo B suffered a lot against a Barakaldo that always searched for the three points, mainly betting on long balls searching for striker Carlos Alonso. Only Manu could avoid the defeat with his saves and with the penalty that he stopped. The first half was a real harassment against the visiting goal. However, Fabril started the game having the initiative and the ball, with an inspired Iv??n P?©rez that was coming after scoring a hat-trick, and with Hugo Garc?­a creating worries to the local defenders due his moves.

But since minute 15, the locals gained the control of the actions, the first approximation of Barakaldo was a cross sent to the path of Javier Urrutia that Manu saved, the ball hit the crossbar after Depor’s keeper deflected the ball  Just seven minutes later, referee Vald?©s Aller whistled a penalty after Seoane fouled Asier Eizaguirre inside the area when the local striker was searching a long ball coming from Barakaldo’s territory.

Seoane saw his first yellow of the game in this action, and Manu came to the rescue as he stopped the penalty taken by Jon Solaun. Barakaldo had the initiative in the rest of the first half, but the problem for the locals is that its game based in long balls wasn’t so effective, and it’s that apart from the play of the penalty, Depor’s defenders obstructed all the ways to Manu’s goal. But at the same time, Fabril was just able to create a couple of occasions against local keeper Jos?© Carlos Gonz??lez, both by Hugo Garcia.

After half-time, both sides made a modification. At Barakaldo, Rebollo was replacing Urrutia, while Ramallo was sending Dani to play for Arturo, the experiment of Arturo at the left wing never worked out as the Valencia-born never appeared in the game, therefore Fabril’s coach returned to past lineups.

And the locals took an early advantage in the second half, just forty seconds after the kick-off,  Jon Solaun, the same player that missed the penalty in the first part, scored the first goal with an impressive shot from 30 meters.

The goal was a hard hit for Fabril, Ramallo’s squad never reacted and no matter the entry of Aridane for Nacho Matador, switching the system to a 4-4-2, the locals were the ones that insisted the most. Juan Carlos Rebollo had two clear chances to increase the lead, but he missed the target in both occasions, while the shot of Asier Eizaguirre was hitting the crossbar.

Then, twenty minutes before the end, Seoane was sent off after the side defender was booked for the second time, all was appointing to a new defeat for Fabril, but the visitors scored an unexpected equaliser just two minutes later. All thanks to Juan Dom?­nguez who ran all over the left wing to send a cross to the far post, Iv??n P?©rez was there to score the goal with a crossed shot that bet Jos?© Carlos. It was the first and only approximation of Depor B in the whole second half. It is also the sixth goal on the season for the Santiago-born player, the fourth within four days.

Two minutes after the goal, Ramallo switched the system again to a 4-2-3-1 as Iv??n Carril replaced Hugo Garc?­a. The last ten minutes were a new harassment of Barakaldo over Fabril, the locals has plenty chances to regain the lead, but Manusaved Fabril once again. This no matter that Rebollo was sent off after a tough tackle. The visiting keeper made two crucial saves, one of them against Bolo, striker that also hit the crossbar just two minutes before the final whistle.

Suffered point for Fabril, Manu made his best game on the season saving the squad in five opportunities while he also stopped a penalty. In the past game with Bilbao Athletic, the Galician squad never knew how to take advantage of the expulsion of a rival, and this time the players knew how to draw a game with one man less on the pitch. All thanks to the great play of Juan Dominguez and to the lately effectiveness of Iv??n P?©rez.

No matter the tie, the true is that Deportivo B is now more far from the safety, and it’s that almost all the direct rivals won their matches, reason why the permanence is five points away and the relegation playoff three points above Fabril. On next Saturday, Ramallo’s squad will host Valladolid B at Abegondo (17h00 CET), new final against the last place in the group.

Barakaldo: Jose Carlos - Urbano, Lombra?±a, Azparren, Etxaniz - Solaun, Eneko Rubio - Koldo (Bolo 74’), Urrutia (Rebollo 46’), Eizaguirre - Carlos Alonso (Ibai Rejas 79’).
Deportivo B: Manu - Caridad, Juanan, Castillo, Seoane - Rochela, Nacho Matador (Aridane 56´) - Iv??n P?©rez, Juan Dom?­nguez, Arturo (Dani 46’) - Hugo Garc?­a (Iv??n Carril 74’).
Goals: 1-0: (46’) Solaun, 1-1: (72’) Iv??n P?©rez.
Referee: Vald?©s Aller. He showed yellow card to Solaun, Lombra?±a, Carlos Alonso, Juan Dom?­nguez and Nacho Matador. Seoane (70’) and Rebollo (78’) were sent off.
Venue: Lasesarre (1,500)


Valladolid B 3 - Pontevedra 1

Marino 0 - Sporting B 3

Barakaldo 1 - Deportivo B 1

Ciudad Santiago 1 - Guijuelo 1

Racing Ferrol 2 - Real Sociedad B 4

Lemona 0 - Real Union 3

Bilbao Athletic 1 - Racing B 4

Cultural 0 - Celta B 3

Lugo 2 - Ponferradina 4

Zamora 0 - Sestao River 1




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