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02 Apr 2009
Lotina is preparing two major changes ahead of the clash against Espanyol; the first is the introduction of Ze Castro in midfield while Pablo Amo would dispute his first game as starter on this season. A thing still to be defined is the presence of Guardado.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina seems to have a pretty idea about the lineup that he wants to present at the Montjuic. Between Wednesday and Thursday, he completed a series of tests searching for the â€?perfectâ€? 4-2-3-1 figure. There are two main novelties compared to the squad that drew with Real Betis: Z?© Castro and Pablo Amo.

The Portuguese defender is returning after surpassing an adductor injury, but the plans of Lotina are to place him in midfield playing alongside Julian De Guzm??n in the double pivote function, this move is made since Sergio and Juan Rodr?­guez are suspended for the match and as Antonio Tom??s is almost discarded for the occasion.

Meanwhile, Pablo Amo could be returning after a long absence in order to play at the centre of the defence, the Madrilenian has just disputed a couple of minutes on this season and hasn’t debuted yet as starter. Therefore this could be his first appearance in the starting squad. However, Lotina also tested with Diego Colotto during the last training sessions, the Argentine has been the substitute of Z?© Castro during the last two liga games.

But there are other two doubts in the mind of Depor’s coach, first the situation of Andr?©s Guardado, the Mexican is arriving late after playing on Wednesday (Thursday’s morning in Europe) in Mexico’s 1-3 defeat with Honduras as part of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. He performed for the fully ninety minutes and could arrive exhausted.

Taking in mind that Guardado is coming out of an injury, Lotina could be tempted to rest him for the clash against Espanyol. Actually, on Wednesday, Lotina tested the option of playing with Pablo ?lvarez on the right wing and with Cristian on the left. Meanwhile, ?ngel Lafita performed as the striker. That’s the other doubt of Lotina, with Riki (ankle) and Lassad (muscular) still struggling, Lotina decided to just prove both of them for a few minutes while the Aragonian was tested as a third choice.

In the end, what Lotina seems to be planning is to play with Pablo ?lvarez on the right wing, Lafita replacing Guardado on the left side and with both Riki and Lassad alternating each half at the striking position.  Also to emphasise that in the last sessions, Lotina has included youngsters Edu Sousa (keeper), Alberto Valencia (defender), Joshua Corrales and Herbert (winger) in the trainings of the first squad.



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