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02 Apr 2009
Two months after his last official game, Manuel Pablo still out due to a Soleus injury and nobody knows when he will return to compete. On Wednesday the doctor of the club was saying that his return to the trainings has been delayed to next week.

On February 4th, Manuel Pablo suffered an Adductor injury during a training, four days later he made a late test before the game against RCD Mallorca, the side defender didn’t past it and stayed on the bench. Since then, the Canarian player has been struggling trying to surpass a problem that at the beginning should have healed in two or three weeks.

During last month, an inflammation in the Soleus muscle was detected and the doctors decided to delay his return until the game against Espanyol. But Manuel Pablo has been out of the training sessions during the presents week, and on Wednesday, he passed a scan in a local hospital of La Coru?±a. The results were ambiguous as the radiography showed a spark in the muscle, something that might affect the player if he starts to train at the highest level.

Doctor Ram??n Barral gave a press conference on Wednesday and explained the case, "He has a small positive evolution, but not yet it has been solved that little spark shown in the graphic. If you saw that picture for the first time, I would tell you that in five days he would be playing, but in his case, things are going slower than it should. He is clinically fine. He doesn’t feel pain when he touches the region, or when he goes up or down in the stairs, or when he forces in order to jump, but as soon as he wants to reinstate into the activity of football, he begins to suffer a contracture in the Soleus, something that prevents him to continue. It is not a normal situation, but the muscular injuries are sometimes capricious. The idea is to not put him on the field until the image doesn’t show the slightest change. We have to keep waiting. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the image, as in this one. The reality is stubborn. "

A journalist asked the doctor if he thinks that Manuel Pablo will return to compete on this season, the answer was: "We believe that yes, he will play. It is not just a wish. We believe he will be recovered relatively soon" Barral said. He also discarded any possibility of a surgery, �This option is not possible. There is nothing that can be repaired surgically. It can only be healed by biology"

Therefore, the possibility of seeing Manuel Pablo training again with the squad has been delayed until next week, moment in which his evolution will be studied once again. So far, the Canarian has missed nine official games with Depor (seven in liga and two in UEFA). Piscu replaced him against Mallorca and in both legs with AaB, while Laure has been taking his place in the last six games in liga and the Madrilenian will do it again at Montjuic against RCD Espanyol.

The club announced through canaldeportivo.com that the player will travel to Barcelona with the rest of the squad, but he will do it in order to visit an specialist, doctor Miquel Angel Cos, who is an collaborator of the club and an specialist in this kind of cases.



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