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09 Apr 2009
The coach and the president of Deportivo have said in several occasions that both are happy with each other and that the normal thing would be to sign an extension of contract. But so far nothing has been signed. Why? The response is related to his assistants.

Everybody gives for granted that Miguel Angel Lotina will renew ahead of the next season. The Basque trainer is completing his second year at Deportivo. When he signed his first contract with the club, Lendoiro included a clause in the one-year contract, that clause was contemplating an automatic renewal if the ex-Real Sociedad manager was able to surpass the number of his predecessor, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s.

In the end, Lotina accomplished the mission and even pushed Depor to qualify to the Intertoto Cup, this no matter his squad ended in relegation at the end of the first round. Therefore executed the clause at Lotina’s contract. However, the new deal wasn’t including any type of clause and both sides agreed to negotiate the new terms at the end of the present season, this if both parties were hoping to continue in the same way.

Now, with the team alreaded saved and at the verge of Europe, Lendoiro wants to secure the continuity of Lotina, while the same Basque man sees with good eyes a new period at the command of the team. So, with both sides happy, it seemed just as a matter of time to see both parties signing a new contract. In that sense, the agent of the coach, I?±aki Ib???±ez, has had at least four meetings with the president since December.

But until today, the final deal hasn’t been signed. The situation has been creating big doubts in the media. First it was speculated that there was a difference in the monetary aspect. Then it was said that Lendoiro was only offering one year of contract, while Lotina was asking for two, but the coach himself denied this idea later as he said in an interview that he wouldn’t mind to sign just for one year.

And now the truth has been known, what’s delaying the renewal of the coach is the situation of their assistants: Jos?© Luis Ribera (second coach) and Eduardo Dom?­nguez (physical trainer). Lotina is asking for an improvement in their wages, something to which Lendoiro is refusing. But the media in La Coru?±a believes the situation will be surpassed as it happened before with Caparr??s.

Another thing that could block the continuity of Lotina is the conformation of next season’s squad, some sources claim that the coach is also demanding an effort in order to keep the three players that he considers fundamental at the team: Lopo, Guardado and Filipe. But Lendoiro can’t guarantee their continuity if an interesting offer arrives, especially in the case of Lopo, who seems to have an interesting proposition coming from Atletico Madrid.

In this sense, I?±aki Ib???±ez told to Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n that â€?There are possibilities the renewal won’t take place.â€? However, asked about this declarations, Lotina responded that his intentions about staying at the Galician club still the same, â€?I want to say that I still have the same idea. The agent in negotiating, and as I say about other agents, he will have to deal on his way. I won’t talk about his way to negotiate, but I haven’t changed my way of thinking. I want to continue on hereâ€? For the moment there’s no date for a new meeting between the president and the agent of the coach.



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