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16 Apr 2009
According to La Opini??n A Coru?±a, goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto already has an agreement in order to join Villarreal at the end of the season. The Canarian has maintained a long legal battle against Deportivo during the present campaign.

The �soap opera’ with goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto continues, the Canarian has been out of Lotina’s plans since January after he refused to play a game with the first squad. The whole problem started with a contract dispute, in the past season Depor and the young player signed an amateur contract that established a door to the first squad: to play at least fifteen games with Depor’s first team.

Until January, Fabricio had twelve official games with Depor’s first team, this meant that with three more games, he would have been able to extend his contract for three years with salaries of respectively €60,000, €72.000 and €84.000. But in the previous months, he received several offers from other clubs, propositions that were improving the conditions offered by Depor (apparently offers made by Zaragoza, Villarreal, Malaga and H?©rcules).

Then, the Canarian and his agent decided to ask Lendoiro to match the offers from other clubs, something the president denied arguing the player should â€?demonstrate his value on the pitch firstâ€?. Then Fabricio talked to Lotina ahead of the liga clash against Real Madrid, was sent off in the previous game with Barcelona and the young keeper was supposed to replace him at the Bernab?©u. Lotina never revealed what he talked with the youngster, but rumours say he told the coach he will play the game, but that later he will no longer be available to play since he was wanting to avoid to fulfill the mark of fifteen matches.

Lotina thought the player was more worried about his personal situation than of the circumstances surrounding the group, that’s why he was sidelined from the coach’s plans, the situation also explains why Gustavo Mun??a was forgiven as he was the starter goalie against Real Madrid and later the replacement of Aranzubia in all the official games disputed by the first team.

Lendoiro and Fabricio have maintained their positions since then, the club argues the youngster still has a contract lasting until the year 2012, while the agent of the player argues he can break it at the end of the present season as long as he hasn’t completed yet the fifteen-game mark, that’s why he has heard offers from other clubs. The last thing known was the publication of newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a on its Thursday’s issue, the Galician paper wrote that Fabricio already accepted the proposition from Villarreal.  

But in the previous weeks, Lendoiro said during an interview that he will fight until the end in order to defend the rights of the club, and that in case the young player decides to leave, he will take the case to the courthouse, and that the keeper would end forced to pay €6 million as compensation to Deportivo. Therefore, the last chapter of this story hasn’t been written yet.



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