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19 Apr 2009
Lotina was satisfied with the result, but he prefers to talk about Europe until the upcoming weekend, while Pablo Alvarez said he didn’t dedicate the goal to anyone. At Athletic, Caparr??s said that his team missed the luck of Depor.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was admitting that his team had a little fortune in order to achieve the three points, "We were lucky, because in the play of the goal, the ball hit a defender. But we came here to win, not to obtain a draw. We were fine in the first part, we made the game that interested us and we stopped the match. We started to commit errors in the second half, we missed the long balls and they were winning all the rebounds. It was hard for us to stop the game and the midfielders didn’t have the ball. Little by little we gave more and we had a few counterattacks, then the goal came through a rebound.?

The Basque was also feeling sorry for the situation of Antonio Tomas, player that left the game injured just after six minutes in the clock, ?He worked for fifteen days at a good level. I’m pissed off with his injury, because I was counting with him for these matchdays. It’s a pity. The true is that we are having bad luck with the injuries during this year.?

No matter the victory, Depor’s coach prefers to wait for Saturday’s clash with Malaga in order to talk about the European chances of his team, ?Regardless to Europe, I will answer the questions on Sunday. We started the week in the best way and it is very important. If we win on Wednesday, let’s see what we can do at Malaga and then I will answer.?

Finally, Lotina was wishing luck to Athletic Bilbao, team that still in troubles at the bottom of the table, ?I’m convinced that Athletic won’t have any problem, though the hit for the defeat has been hard. The teams going down are clearer now compared to other opportunities. I want to see Athletic saving itself, and let’s hope they will win the Copa.?

Antonio Tom??s was feeling sorry for his injury, "It's hard to throw in five minutes all the work done so far. The fact is that I am living a year that I want to forget as soon as possible. It is the same problem of the other time, and I decided to stop in order to not make worse the things. I don’t think I'm broken, but we have to wait for the scans.?

The hero this time was Pablo ?lvarez, the winger scored the winning goal three minutes before the end, he was describing the match as an ugly encounter, "It was a very ugly game and very difficult to play, but we did a good job. This victory is plugging us in and gives us the confidence to continue striving for the goals."

It was commented that ?The Shark’ screwed an offensive phrase against Caparr??s when he was celebrating the goal, but he said it was just an accident and that it wasn’t a dedication to anyone, "We needed the three points and I celebrated the goal with all my anger. It was the adrenaline rush and at times like these, you don’t think. I don’t know very well what I said, but the best part was celebrating the goal with my team mates. It also serves to vindicate myself and to say that I'm here. "

Laure played one of his best games on the season, the right-back said that he still has to learn a lot, "I still have much to learn, but I'm getting my confidence and when I have that confidence, it is when I can yield more. The team has shown that it gives the face.? About the muscular problem that he has been dragging lately, the Madrilenian just said ?It’s history now.?

At the other side, Joaqu?n Caparr??s was feeling sorry because his team is approaching to the danger zone, "More than concern, we must be aware that the males must be tightened. We have spent two matchdays without adding points, and the rivals are cutting the distance. More than concern is a sense of responsibility. We need points now. We can’t be distracted and it’s time to keep the same line of work."

The ex-Depor coach was saying that his squad missed the good fortune of the Galician team, "In the second half, the team got another game speed. That was a risk, but we have taken it. We have lacked that bit of fortune that Depor could have, but we must continue in the line sawn in the second part.?

The best player at the local team was Gaizka Toquero, the young striker was feeling sorry for the final result, ?This has been a hard hit for us, it hurts a lot. Now we can’t fail at Soria, because we want to achieve the permanence as soon as possible. It’s true that the result has been a hard hit, but we can’t fall down now.?




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