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19 May 2009
As is becoming a tradition at Deportivo, the club is ready to search for future promises at other clubs ahead of the summer transfer market. Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n presented a report on Tuesday with the names of the possible targets.

Deportivo’s supporters are now used to read and heard a long list of unknown names linked with the club, possible targets for the summer market, young players that are not enjoying of minutes at their present clubs and that are searching for their big opportunity, just like Javier Arizmendi and Angel Lafita did in the recent past.

Actually, coach Miguel Angel Lotina affirmed on the past week that the Galician club already started to search for future stars at Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Real Madrid and Barcelona. On Tuesday, Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n (DxT) published the list of names from these clubs that Deportivo has followed in order to negotiate a possible loan deal, the following is a resume of the possible targets:

On Saturday newspaper La Voz De Galicia printed that Deportivo already has an agreement for the loan of keeper Iv??n �Pichu’ Cuellar (25) and midfielder Miguel De Las Cuevas (23). DxT confirmed that Deportivo already has an initial deal with the Madrilenian club for the duo, and also added a new name to the list: Jorge Resurrecci??n Merodio �Koke’ (19).

Koke is a midfielder that plays for Atletico Madrid B and that was recognized on the past week as the second best left-footed young midfielder in Spain. He has played with Spain’s U16 & U17 squads. Arsenal was following his progress a few years ago, but in the end the Madrilenian decided to stay at Atletico.

There are three targets from the Catalan club: Pedro Rodr?­guez Ledesma â€?Pedrito’ (21), Jeffr?©n Su??rez Berm??dez (21) and Thiago Alc??ntara do Nascimento (18). The three of them already played some official games with Barcelona’s first team.

Pedrito is a right winger that fulfilled the pre-season stage in Scotland with the first squad of Barcelona; he already played a few games at Primera Divisi??n and even a Champions League match against Wisła Cracovia. Jeffren is a Venezuelan/Spanish striker that can also perform as a left winger. He already debuted at Primera and also at Copa Del Rey wearing the shirt of Barcelona. But in recent hours it has been rumoured that Pedrito may be loaned to Tenerife, this in case the Canarian team achieves the promotion to Primera.

Finally, Thiago is an Italian/Brazilian/Spanish offensive midfielder that performs for Barcelona B; he is the son of ex-Celta player Mazinho. Thiago was born in Bari, but started to play football in Brazil, then he moved to Spain and lived in Galicia when his father was at Celta. He signed for Barca in 2004 and is considered as a gifted playmaker due to his vision on the field. Despite only been 18, he already debuted at Primera, it was on the past Sunday as he replaced Gudjohnsen at the 74th minute during the game at RCD Mallorca.

The targets are two defenders: Carlos Bellvis (24) and Jaume Costa (21), plus a striker Nicol??s Ladislao Fedor Flores �Miku’(23). Bellvis is currently loaned at Numancia and performs as a left-back, though he can also play at the left wing. He has been a normal starter in the lineups of the squad and this is his first year at Primera. Meanwhile Jaume is a left-back that has only played for Valencia Mestalla, he has the same offensive characteristics than Depor’s Filipe.

Miku is a Venezuelan attacker that currently plays loaned at UD Salamanca (Segunda), he has scored 15 goals in 33 liga games with the squad and already played a couple of games with Venezuela’s national team. An interesting fact is that Valencia already loaned out the player in three occasions and the rules in Spain don’t allow a fourth loan period, therefore they need to release him or incorporate the player to the first team. Salamanca has a buy-out clause for three million Euro, but they don’t have the money to pay it.

For the moment the only target seems to be Hungarian striker Adam Slazai (21). He was linked with Depor a few months ago, and his agent even admitted the possibility to join the Galician club. �Deportivo is one of the sides that has shown more interest in the player.� Agent Mihaly Laczko said to DxT in past weeks after the name of the striker was linked with Depor and also with a move to Porto FC.

There are other three names of players coming from other clubs that Deportivo has followed in recent months: Javier Magro Matilla â€?Mati’ (21, Villarreal CF), Manuel Arana Rodr?­guez (24, CD Castell??n) and Abel Enrique Aguilar (24, Hercules)

Matilla is a midfielder that Villarreal signed from Albacete and that usually trains with the first squad, but that leads Villarreal B during the weekends. Some sources in Vila-real even describe him as the �best player in Segunda B�. He scored three goals with Villarreal B during the season. Arana is a right winger that was formed in the youth teams of Betis. Considered as one of the best players at Segunda Division A, he already scored five goals and gave five assists after 36 appearances on the season.

Finally, Abel has been linked with Depor since a few months ago; he is a Colombian defensive midfielder that already admitted he will like to play for Depor. �It will be interesting to go there� He said to AS in March. He already played 30 games with the squad and also possesses international experience and is normal to see him in the list of Colombia’s national team during the FIFA World Cup 2010 qualifying games.



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