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29 May 2009
Second confrontation between a veteran coach and one of the rookies in la liga. Lotina believes that Depor must be focused only in this game, while he briefly talked about the market window. At Barca, Guardiola was denying his team is the best in the world.

Josep Guardiolais an historic player of Barcelona FC that won six ligas, two Copas, four Supercopas, a UEFA Cup winners Cup, two UEFA Super Cups and now two UEFA Champions Leagues, one as a player during the season 1991/1992 and the one conquered on Wednesday’s night as a coach. He’s just the sixth men in the history to achieve a Champions Leagues as a player and as a coach (the others where Miguel Mu?oz, Giovanni Trapattoni Johan Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti and Frank Rijkaard). And there’s more, because he also added the Copa Del Rey and la liga championship, meaning the mythic European treble.

The surprising thing is that he started his career as a coach just in June of 2007, it was when he was named as the coach of Barcelona B, squad that was at Tercera Divisi??n and that was later promoted by Guardiola to Segunda B. He quickly ascended in the preferences of president Laporta and just one year later, he was replacing Frank Rijkaard as the coach of Barcelona’s first team. This is the second occasion in which he will face Miguel ?ngel Lotina as a coach, the previous meeting was the 5-0 big win at the Camp Nou during the first round.

Depor’s coach gave his last press conference of the season after Friday’s training session, he knows that his team needs a double result to qualify to Europe, but he wants to focus on Barcelona, ?We have to think of winning by ourselves, and not in what Athletic will do in Valencia. I hope to meet a relaxed Barcelona, but still a dangerous rival. A team without fight, too much relaxed, notices this, but a squad like Barcelona, which entirely is ball possession, can be very dangerous if they are feeling relaxed.?

Lotina was proudly admitting that this has been the most positive season for him in terms of yield, ?I’ve been training for twenty years and I already achieved a fourth spot with Celta, a fifth with Espanyol, one Copa Del Rey and some promotions, but this is the season in which a single squad has yielded more with me and as I always like it: playing and been ordered.?

Later the Basque manager recognized that Deportivo is trying to sign Recreativo’s striker Javier Camu?as, ?We know that if us and Espanyol want a player, also Betis and Zaragoza, he will go to the other place for the money, but it’s a pride to be part of Deportivo.?

At the same time, Lotina confessed he’s expecting to see what will happen with Verd??, ?I don’t know what will Verd?? do, but if a player receives an offer with an improvement of the 40 or 50%, we must respect it. Verd?? has earned that on the pitch and we all benefit from that revenue.?

The Me?aka-born trainer was also showing his satisfaction for the signing of Juca, ?I didn’t know him, he appeared in a video that was provided by the technical secretary, and I watched it and I liked it. We saw more and we asked how was his way of working, how he was as a person. We’re happy to have him with us.? Finally, he recognized that Aythami Artiles and  Alex Berganti?os will have the chance to stay at the first team since both youngsters will make the pre-season with the squad.

Barcelona’s coach talked previously to the trip to La Coru?a, he won’t be able to sit at the Riazor’s bench since he’s suspended. He was talking about his continuity at the Catalan club, ?I’ll be here on the next year, and then, if the club is happy with me and either do I, we’ll continue, and if not, no. We don’t need to take risks with long-term contracts.?

He was also admitting that the treble has been a surprise for him, especially since this was his first season as a Primera coach, ?Even if it were a matter of probabilities, during more than one hundred years of history at Barca, no one else had done this, neither at the Spanish football. So I thought I neither would do it. It was a surprise to everyone, but people have worked in a fantastic way."

Despite the incredible season made by Barcelona, Guardiola didn’t want to describe his team as the best in the world, ?I don’t know if we're the best team in the world. We’re the team that has had the best year. But I don’t know if we're the best team in the world. It’s also clear that I am not the best coach in the world, because doing the same, things could have ended in a different way."

He was predicting that things will be more difficult during his second year at the club, ?When you win a lot during the first year, you can’t compete the same. The second year is always more difficult, let’s see if we are lucky and lose some games at the beginning (he joked). But we must have in mind that this is a very young and mentally stable team, we can endure a few more years."

Finally, he said the club must be careful with the injury problems of Andr?s Iniesta, ?The injury of Andr?s… Be careful with the injury of Andr?s!. Our doctors will have a meeting with the doctors of the national team and they will study the problem. We must take care of his future, because other similar injuries have turned into more complicated cases. If he’s fine, he will join the national team. But if not, he won’t go, because Barca may lose him.?



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