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27 Feb 2006
Caparr??s and the players were satisfied with the achievement of the three points. However, the Sevillan coach believes that Deportivo must improve their performance at home in order to continue in the quest for a European spot. At the same time Trist??n confessed that his celebration was dedicated to Valer??n.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was satisfied with the victory, but he remembered the poor performance of the team at home: "We are going game by game. Our final classification will depend of the performance we can achieve in our own stadium, if we improve our numbers at home our position in the table at the end will be very good. But if we continue in the same way, we will be at the razor's edge because our numbers are really poor."

The Sevillan coach also had eulogies for Diego Trist??n: "He has worked with a humble mentality during the week, he played, worked and scored a goal. He even had the chance of a second one. At the end, it was Deportivo who obtained a benefit." Now Caparr??s is thinking of Camp Nou, a challenge that's more complicated as he appointed out: "We will play there as we faced the game in Pamplona, but the rival isn't the same. We have the illusion of achieving the three points."

Jes??s Mu?±oz debuted with Deportivo after four years in the club, a fact that gave him a nice feeling: "The important thing is that finally I'm feeling like a professional. Now, I only have to think of the present, nothing beyond Tuesday's training."

V?­ctor believes that the mentality of the squad during the game was the key for success: "The matches have 90 minutes. In the first half we played in a good level and we had our chances, in the second half we tried to reach an early equaliser and we were able to define the game in a counterattack. The team faced the situation with a serious mentality and it was able to comeback in the score."

The Madrilian winger also gave his opinion about the next confrontation against Barcelona: "To win a game at the Camp Nou is really complicated, but we are hoping to continue with our good run. We must be careful, if we aren't concentrated we can leave the stadium with a bag full of goals."

Diego Trist??n was the hero of the night with his tenth goal of the season, the Sevillan striker explained the message that he showed on his shirt: "It was dedicated to Uni??n Abrisajac (the Christian club of Valer??n). I have been waiting for a while in order to dedicate the goal to him since he suffered his problem, but until today I didn't have the occasion to do it."

Who was frustrated with the defeat was Osasuna's coach, Javier Aguirre: "We wanted to win, but we lost the ball in their area when we were trying to score the goal and they surprised us with a counterattack. We lost because we were trying to win. To maintain the draw wasn't a logical thing and we lost against a Deportivo that's fighting for a place in Europe. This is for those that were talking about silly things and Champions League! Nobody gives you anything for free, the Spanish league is really strong and you have to suffer a lot in order to obtain results."

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