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05 Sep 2009
According to newspaper El Periódico de Aragon, the presidents of Depor and Zaragoza might negotiate the transfer of Lafita in an extraordinary meeting that could take place soon, but it seems difficult to see both sides giving up in their attempts to defend their rights.

The meeting could take place between the weekend and Monday; it will be a late reunion in order to reach an agreement and resolve the conflict for Angel Lafita before the resolution of the LFP; in this way both sides will avoid the long wait and the winger will be able to join immediately any of the sides involved in the conflict.

But it won’t be easy to reach an agreement, because both sides have distant positions and nobody want to give anything for free. On Friday Depor Sport was attacking Lafita for not responding to the call made by Deportivo on Wednesday, to make things worse the official paper of the Galician club was reminding that Zaragoza already made a similar move on the past season as they agreed to pay the buyout clause of Jorge Lopez, who at the time was at Racing Santander. The problem is that the payment hasn’t been made yet, something that has caused a big conflict with the president of the Cantabrian club, Francisco Pernía.

Depor Sport was hinting that Zaragoza would try to do the same, meaning that Deportivo may end without the player and without the money of his buyout option. No matter the rumours, the true is that the attitude of Zaragoza about trying to close the deal just thirty minutes before the end of the summer market has raised criticism everywhere, even at Aragonian Diario Equipo, one of the usual defenders of Los Maños.

As journalist Rafael Rojas wrote on Thursday, “Real Zaragoza had plenty of time to exercise the buyout option. Presumably, Marcelino wanted Lafita at his team, so why wait half an hour before the close of the market? Just for been screwing a rival? Would be the height of irresponsibility, but here everything is possible. The fact is that Real Zaragoza earned a bad enemy and has created an image of predator in the Spanish football. Some time ago, Zaragoza was a desired destination, now nobody wants to come, not even mid-level players like Miguel Torres and Negredo.”

Precisely, one of the worries at Zaragoza is to have “earned a bad enemy” with Lendoiro. As Agustín Lasaosa, official of the agency that manages the rights of Lafita, told to reporters, “I personally met Lendoiro a while ago, and I know that when he is obsessed with anything, he turns to be a bad enemy.”

Meanwhile, the rumours about possible substitutes are still flowing, on Thursday the name of Belgian Tom De Mul (23, Sevilla FC) was mentioned, but it has been discarded by Newspaper ABC de Sevilla as the paper quoted an “internal source” at Deportivo, “For the moment we are waiting for the resolution of the LFP regardless to Lafita. The club wants to look first to the international market. If we can’t, we still have plenty of options. Even at Segunda. De Mul? He is good, although he wasn’t able to demonstrate too much in Spain. However we prefer a player that also possesses defensive characteristics. We haven’t even talked to Sevilla, though our relation with them is perfect. We just received a call from his agent. We are aware of the quality of De Mul and also that Sevilla will allow his exit in a loan or even a final transfer, but it isn’t part of our ideas, because we are looking for a different kind of player. Somebody like Alfaro (loaned to Tenerife by Sevilla). De Mul is a name in our list, but not one of our first options.”  



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