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27 Feb 2006
The entrance of Diego Trist??n in the second half was applauded by the media, the papers believe that his contribution and his goal were key aspects on this match. The offensive mentality during the first half and part of the second one was another thing emphasised by the media.

La Opini??n A Coru?帶: Not even the memory of Telmo Zarra was enough motive to hide the initial intention of Deportivo in Pamplona. The Galicians showed in the first minute their offensive ideas with a chance that Rub?姊 missed, but a lack of concentration at the end of the first half caused the goal of Osasuna. At half-time Caparr??s tried to increase the effectiveness of his squad with the introduction of Trist??n in the place of Rub?姊 Castro. Without modifying the strategy the striker created more danger in ten minutes than Rub?姊 in the first half. After the equaliser of Sergio, Trist??n maintained the calm and was able to find the space to defeat Ricardo. After that Caparr??s gave the reason to those who certify him as a defensive coach, the introduction of Jes??s Mu?得z and C?孟ar had the clear intention of maintaining the result. Deportivo had difficulties in order to achieve three points, but they did it with class. They are changing the pretty and productive football of the past into one less attractive, but at the same time productive game. If Deportivo returns to be a strong club at home, everything will be possible until April. Arturo Pati?得.

La Voz de Galicia: The night of the forgiven ones. First it was Sergio and later Trist??n. The victory at the Reyno de Navarra was signed by the two survivors of the magic era of the club, both disappeared in the recent times. Joaqu?要 Caparr??s' capacity to surprise us is infinity. Everything is possible, even in a game so closed like this one, he gave a starting roll to Sergio and Trist??n and even Romero started as right winger! and don't forgive the fact of having the debut of Jes??s Mu?得z, a midfielder that at his 30 has only played 39 games in Primera (35 with Albacete). But maybe it isn't so strange. This coach converted Juanma into a starter sitting defenders with international experience, he can be the motive why Munitis will play the World Cup, he has used H?妾tor and Romero as wingers and has provoked the debut of three young players that lately have disappeared from the list of called men. From this cocktail Sergio appeared to score a goal and Trist??n was able to remind us that he was the pichichi of the season 2001-2002. Jos? Fern??ndez.

ABC: The entrance of Trist??n in the second half was the revolution that the offensive game of Depor was needing, it added effectiveness to their domination. At minute 50th Sergio equalised the game when he reached a rebound, at the 55 Trist??n could score the second one and he missed the occasion, but at the 71 the same Trist??n decided the game in a personal manoeuvre after he 'played' with Ricardo and Cu?始lar. After that, Javier Aguirre reinforced his offensive line, but he didn't realise that the error was in midfield, without nobody managing the ball in that zone it's impossible to enjoy occasions upfront.

AS: The first half only saw 20 minutes of real football, sometimes with the ball flying from head to head. The other 25 were lost. However, a lot of things happened. Deportivo could achieve an early 2-0 advantage with two clear occasions of Rub?姊 and V?苞tor in just five minutes, even Romero was playing with luxury combinations! Later Milosevic hit Juanma in the area, but Rodr?茆uez Dom?要guez didn't see it and Osasuna avoided a penalty and a red card. All of this was achieved by Depor with a 45% of possession, in other words in 10 minutes, but they weren't adding points. The second half was better thanks to the entrance of players like Trist??n, Valdo and Web??. It was the Sevillan striker who scored the wining goal, Diego is alive. Good news for Depor. Luis de la Cruz.

Noticias de Navarra: Deportivo gave back to Osasuna one of the hardest versions of the present season since they took with authority the three points  from Pamplona. Deportivo in their run from mid-table knew that they had to suffer in order to achieve something... and they finally did it. If in the previous liga confrontation C??diz had an unproductive possession over the ball, Osasuna suffered yesterday the same script. Los rojillos were the masters of the ball controlling it the 60% of the time, but it wasn't synonymous to controlling the match. The consequences of this fictitious domination was the use of crosses to the area as the only resource available. Osasuna made it in 40 occasions while Deportivo only needed 14 in order to win the game. Javier Saldise.

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