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17 Sep 2009
As it was expected the LFP has gave the reason to Zaragoza in the case of Lafita, but the battle is not over yet as Deportivo and the Aragonian club are still discussing the price to pay, in the meantime Depor searches for a substitute.

The case of Angel Lafita witnessed the conclusion of its first chapter on Tuesday, day in which la liga (LFP) gave the reason to Real Zaragoza to inscribe the player for the liga season 2009/2010. Los Maños paid two million Euros just thirty minutes before the summer markets closed its doors, but Depor protested to the LFP since the Galician club wasn’t sure about the total amount that Zaragoza has to pay in the transfer. Now the winger will be inscribed in the list of Los Maños and erased from the list of Depor.

However, this was something already expected and actually, Deportivo admitted since the beginning that Zaragoza had the right to re-buy Lafita until the last day of the market. What still in discussion is the price that the Aragonian club must pay in the operation, the LFP didn’t have the ‘courage’ to say anything about this matter, maybe because it’s already a conflict that will probably end in the courthouse.

And that’s the problem right now, because Zaragoza argues it only has to pay three million Euros plus taxes, while Deportivo assures it’s three and a half million Euros plus the taxes; something that depends on the  interpretation of the deadlines to execute the two buyout options that Zaragoza had over the player. Depor has until Thursday at midnight to present its allegations to la liga, and president Augusto César Lendoiro confirmed that the Galician club will appeal since the LFP didn’t give any guidance about the value of the player.

"La liga did not analyse the subject in the most important aspect: the economical. The fact of seeing the player as a Zaragoza's player was already a fact, but not the economical aspect, something that for us should be three and a half million Euros plus taxes.  We will appeal, but what we really want is to determine, once and for all, the cost of the transfer. We don’t discuss if they have the right to get the player, as long as they pay us the amount that was signed. La liga did not analyse that and only says that it’s a matter that must be solved by a court in A Coruña. They just decided about who has the rights over the player. It is not a firm decision, so we must wait” The president said to reporters late on Thursday.

Therefore, the two questions to solve are: what will be the price and the conditions of the payment that Zaragoza must fulfill? And the other inquiry is: will Lafita be able to play on the weekend with Zaragoza? For the first question it will be necessary to wait until next week as the LFP will have one week to give a resolution to the appeal that will be presented by Deportivo on Thursday, if the resolution continues to be ambiguous the case will the reach a courthouse in La Coruña, meaning the case could take a couple of months in order to be resolved.

The answer to the second question is more confusing, Lendoiro said on Tuesday that Lafita is not eligible yet to play with Zaragoza for la liga “They said to us that it will only be possible until the resolution is final, which is not the case at this point.” Meanwhile Zaragoza hasn’t said anything about the status of the player ahead of Sunday’s game against Valladolid, but what was already announced is that Lafita will be presented during this day and that he will immediately start to train with Marcelino’s squad, but it isn’t sure yet if he is going to play on the weekend.

Another thing to have in mind is that Deportivo is still demanding Lafita for leaving the trainings of the team and for have signed a new contract with Zaragoza, just when his contract with Depor was still on. The Galician club is requesting twenty-five million Euros to the winger, exactly the buyout termination clause in his contract with Depor. This particular demand will be studied by an arbitration committee on next week.

In the meantime, Lendoiro confirmed that Deportivo will have thirty days to sign a replacement, this since Zaragoza paid the clause in the last day of the market, though the president said that he is not sure about the real deadline for this, because la liga didn’t confirm which one is the last day in which the Galician club is able to complete a last incorporation.

It is know that the club has a short list of possible targets, but it isn’t sure if Depor will complete the late-move. The exit of Lafita is affecting the plans of coach Miguel Angel Lotina; after all, the winger was the Pichichi in liga for Depor during the past season. About the case, the Basque manager already said that his club is opened to make a new signing, though he said that it will only happen if they find a quality player on the market, “We have to wait and see what happens, we won’t make a signing just for the pleasure of making a signing. If the one I want doesn’t come, we won’t sign anybody.” The coach said after Tuesday’s training.



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