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30 Sep 2009
On Monday the LFP gave its final resolution on the case of Lafita, they ratified the previous resolution but didn’t clarify the price that Zaragoza has to pay for the winger. Therefore Depor is now taking the case to a courthouse.

 The case of Angel Lafita is over, at least for La Liga (LFP). On Monday the authorities of Primera División gave their resolution regardless to the appeal of Deportivo and once again their resolution was favourable to Real Zaragoza. It was the expected thing, the problem is that Depor is still reclaiming that the price to be paid by the Aragonians should be €500,000 higher.

All the problems are based in the interpretation of the contract signed by Zaragoza and Deportivo two seasons ago. Lafita was loaned to Depor for the 2007/2008 campaign; the deal included a buyout option that was fulfilled by Depor at the end of that season. Then Zaragoza had two buyout options that were effective for the seasons 2009/2010 (€3 million plus taxes) and 2010/2011 (€3.5 million plus taxes). The error was that the contract wasn’t clear about the dates in which the options could be fulfilled.

Depor and Zaragoza agree that Los Maños had until June 30 of the years 2009 ad 2010 to communicate the intention of buying the winger, but the conflict appears in the interpretation of the date in which Zaragoza had to pay the clause. According to Depor, the Aragonian club only had one week to make the payment after communicating their intention to fulfill the clause, according to Zaragoza they had until August 30.

Since Zaragoza understood that the deadline was still on, they just paid €2 of the €3 million stipulated in the first option, while Depor reclaims that the price should be €3.5 million though they admit that Zaragoza has one year to complete the payment. That’s why a protest was presented to the LFP, but this instance ‘washed its hands’ as it only indicated that the player belongs to Zaragoza. Therefore, the case is now reaching a courthouse in La Coruña (Jurisdiction included in a clause of the contract in order to solve any dispute).

Besides, Depor has demanded Lafita and Zaragoza because they signed a contract at the end of August, and apparently that deal was signed when the winger’s contract with Depor was still valid. According to reports that new contract was signed because the player was upset with Zaragoza for the way they managed the situation and Zaragoza wanted to reward the player offering a better salary. According to Depor it was an illegal move and they are reclaiming €25 million (also included as termination clause in the contract signed with the player). This means that the case will still alive for a couple of months.

There are two important things related to the latest resolution of the LFP. First that Lafita can already play for Real Zaragoza in la liga; actually he was presented on Tuesday. Second is that Depor has 30 days, starting on Monday, in order to inscribe a replacement. The problem is that the new signing could only be a player currently out of contract or a player loaned or transferred from another Spanish club.

Coach Lotina already said that it’s very probable that Depor won’t use this option, as he talked to Radio Onda Cero on Tuesday, ”It’s very difficult to see us doing something in order to replace him (Lafita). Firstly, because we can only sign somebody from the Spanish league; secondly, because it won’t be easy to get the one we want.”



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