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19 Oct 2009
Lotina was emphasising the collective work of Deportivo, while the players were satisfied and trying to keep the calm ahead of the upcoming matches. Jiménez was saying that this defeat is a lesson for his team.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was trying to emphasise the collective work as the main key that made possible this victory, “Respecting Sevilla, Depor has earned the victory second by second. We are hard workers, a solidary team on the pitch and this fact made possible to defeat a team like Sevilla. We are defensively strong, because everybody works on here and because we have people living a good moment, I won’t say concrete names. Our team didn’t give any option to a rival that has the best strikers of Primera. That’s the merit of this team; the important thing is the hard work and the solidarity.”

“We knew what happened on the past season, in the first and second half of the liga game. We wanted revenge, but with intelligence, not falling into the same mistakes of the past year. We were interested in playing a more paused and slow game, and there was a moment in the second part in which Filipe was attacking and Navas stayed up front, at that moment the game was broken.”  The coach added.

No matter the good streak of the team, Lotina wants to be cautious about the near future in la liga, “We are humans and is difficult to handle whatever happens. I guess the fans are euphoric, but the euphoria can’t enter into the team. You know what we have signed and what Sevilla signed. We have both feet on the ground. We are up there, because everybody on here has worked as animals.”

Striker Riki played his game number 100 at Primera División, he is now convinced that Depor has demonstrated to be there for bigger things, “Today’s victory is useful in order to punch the table and tell everybody that we are there.”

Juan Rodríguez, the scorer of the goal, was sending a message to Sergio Sánchez, Sevillan defender that was doubting of Depor’s level before the game, “I didn’t think twice and fortunately the ball entered into the goal, it has been helpful in order to pick up the three points ant to shut up the mouth of someone who has a long tongue.”

The Andalusian also tried to explain why he ran to the bench in order to give a hug to Adrián, “It wasn’t for some specific reason. I just have a nice friendship with him since the day he arrived. Is it for our past with Malaga and the rivalry with Sevilla? The true is that I don’t remember, but I already received some messages telling me about it.”

Rodriguez also admitted that second coach Ribera told him to attempt long-distance shots, later he descried the play of the goal, “I saw it clearly, today I was playing in a more advanced position and I didn’t think twice. As soon as I received the ball, I knew I was going to shot, because some of us have fewer chances to do it, and since I was there, we must seize the chances.”

Meanwhile, Iván Pérez, who was debuting wearing Depor’s shirt as a starter and playing at the Riazor during an official game, admitted that he had a poor presentation, “I am a little sad, because my performance wasn’t good, I lost the ball to many times. It wasn’t my day though I tried to fight.”

Manuel Pablo was also analysing the game, “It’s hard for us to win the games, but we want to be an uncomfortable team and to see the rivals realizing that we are tough to beat. We have completed a good work, the same made in recent matches, but these teams are more difficult. We have sacrificed ourselves, but we have obtained the victory and we are leaving content.”

The Canarian was also trying to be cautious about the aspirations of Deportivo for the present season, “We are calmed, because we know what we have. This is just starting, the good thing is to add and be quite. We must face the next game with the same mentality, with the same will and knowing that it will be difficult, but we can do it.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that it wasn’t an attractive match, but he was happy with the final result, “It wasn’t a brilliant game, but a match to be taught in the football school in order to demonstrate how is to play with a perfect defence.  Sevilla was tied up, it was a perfect scheme the one designed by the coach and it was very well executed by the players. We are not going to put limits to this team. It’s a hard working group, and in life, if you work hard, almost always you end winning.”

Sevilla, coach, Manolo Jiménez, was saying that the result is helping his team to put both feet on the ground, “We knew we were not going to be the champions in la liga just because we defeated Real Madrid, and now it’s clear that we neither are going down just because we lost against Depor. It’s just that Depor has put us down to earth. The players are upset, but Deportivo has given us a lesson.”




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