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05 Mar 2006
The media believes that Deportivo showed a good performance at the Camp Nou, especially during the first half. Also it was emphasised the fact that the game was decided in stationary plays. The exit of Duscher in the second half was pointed as one of the keys for the defeat. Meanwhile, the Catalan paper <i>Sport</i> believes that the absence of Messi was one of the reasons why Barcelona had troubles in this match.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: Too much board. The whistles at the begging of the game demonstrates the respect  that the people feel for the Galicians, as they were direct rivals for the championship. Soon I realised why they feel this respect for Deportivo. At minute 28 the squad was leading in the score although Ronaldinho scored a free-kick, and the ghost of the last visit of Atl?tico started to surround the stadium. But in the second half the Galicians were only walking over the grass, they only saw the rival passing the ball until the third goal came. The key was the exit of Duscher, he saw a yellow card and Caparr??s gave him rest since the second card seemed near, without him the squad lost the solidity in midfield and later Depor was unable to reach Vald?s. At the end what decided the match were the plays designed on the board... and the suicide of the Galicians. Xos? Manuel Mallo.

La Voz de Galicia: The world is upside down. The central defenders score and the strikers defends. The same defensive line that let pass the balls in stationary plays in their own area were the same that scored goals in the rival's one. Five goals and all happened in stationary situations, three in corner-kicks and two in free-kicks. Deportivo showed other intentions to the image presented in Reyno de Navarr. The Galicians were creating pressure upfront and passing the ball in midfield. In this way it's also possible to generate complications to the rival and Depor arrived alive until half-time. But Barcelona has a Swedish like Larsson and Eto’o, players capable of achieving titles. Jos? M. Fern??ndez.

AS: Like a chess game Barcelona and Deportivo moved their weapons like two rival that know each other. Joaqu?n Caparr??s didn’t want to miss details and he studied everything, the way in which the defenders should follow the strikers and even the conditions of the grass at the Camp Nou. Frank Rijkaard who is less obsessive left their men to think about how to win the game. At the end it was a matter of strategic plays since the five goals arrived from set-pieces. Fabi??n Ortiz.

Sport (Barcelona): The draw at the Riazor was the last bad result of Barcelona in the first part of la liga. Yesterday they visited Camp Nou, but the Catalans demonstrated that after five months they are a much more mature squad. They don't fear to work hard in order to play against complicated rivals like Depor. Caparr??s' squad achieved a 1-2 in the score and everyone was fearing the worst. The errors in the defensive line appeared one more time and the euphoria at the beginning of the match was converted into dark thoughts. Fortunately Barcelona have an infinite number of offensive resources. The absence of Messi was noticed since the game wasn't a rapid one. For this reason the team bet in set-pieces and stationary plays. Barcelona achieved the win without sparkling, but they showed disposition. Llu?s Mascaro.

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