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05 Nov 2009
The goals scored by the strikers have only contributed with one of the sixteen points achieved so far; and it’s that Lotina hasn’t found his starting couple in attack. Until now the coach has tested twelve different combinations.

It has been a productive season in terms of goals scored by Deportivo’s squad, so far the team has scored at least one goal in eight of the nine matches played so far. In comparison with the other clubs Depor is eighth at Primera División with twelve goals after nine matches (average 1.33 per liga game)

However, those numbers don’t mean that the strikers at Deportivo are enjoying of a solid performance, adding the goal in Copa Del Rey, Depor’s team has scored 13 goals on the season, but the strikers have only conquered 5 (38% of the total). Beyond that, only one goal scored by a striker has meant a point for the Galicians. It was the last one: Lassad against Sporting Gijón (1-1).

The other four goals scored by a striker came during matches in which Depor was defeated (Riki against Real Madrid 2-3, Adrian and Lassad against RCD Espanyol 2-3) or that were already defined (Riki at Xérez, the 3-0).

In this sense, the contribution of the ‘defensive’ players has been more determinant to pick up the points, because central defender Colotto (1-0 Vs Tenerife), left-back Filipe (1-0 Vs Malaga), and defensive midfielders Juca (1-0 Vs Villarreal) and Juan Rodriguez (1-0 Vs Sevilla) have scored important goals that meant twelve of the sixteen points added so far. Also central defender Albert Lopo scored the winning goal at Murcia, something that gave the advantage in the last-32 round of Copa Del Rey.

And the problem can be perceived analysing the lineups of  Lotina; so far he has used twelve different combinations in attack, usually a duo performing as a playmaker plus a solo attacker and the most often used has been the couple Adrián-Lassad. Curiously none of these strikers have scored a goal when both were playing at the same time. Each scored one goal in the game against Espanyol (2-3), but never coincided on the pitch, because Adrian started the game and then was replaced by the same Lassad. Later the Tunisian scored in the game with Sporting, but with the Asturian sited on the bench.

The second most used couple was Valerón-Riki, combination that gave two goals, but worthless because it was during the 2-3 defeat at Real Madrid during the opening day. Later there are three combinations that have been used in two opportunities: Lassad-Riki (one goal scored against Sporting, 1-1), Valerón-Adrián (one goal scored against Espanyol, 2-3) and Lassad-Mista (one goal scored against Espanyol, 2-3).



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