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08 Nov 2009
Depor survived a terrible referee to pick up the three points in Madrid. The Galicians made a solid job in defence as they played big part of the encounter with ten men, and as they had to face the last twenty minutes with nine.

Lotina presented the expected lineup, with Mista as the only novelty compared to the squad that drew against Sporting. Aranzubia was at the goal, Manuel Pablo performed at the right-back position, Filipe covered the left sector, Colotto and Lopo played at the centre of the defence; Sergio and Antonio Tomas were at midfield, Juan Rodriguez was at the right wing, Guardado attacking by the left flank and the duo Mista-Riki in attack. For the first time on the season, Depor was playing with the third kit –the white one-

At Getafe, Michel presented a couple of novelties; firstly he left Javi Casquero sited on the bench as the couple in midfield was composed by Derek Boateng and Adrian Gonzalez. The main surprise was to see Uruguayan Juan Angel Albín taking the place of Daniel Parejo, while Manu Del Moral was playing on the left wing. Roberto Soldado was the main hope for the goals.

Getafe had the initiative within the first minutes, their first approximation was an error of Manuel Pablo that Soldado seized to send a cross that was cleared by the defensive line. The players of the Galician team seemed to understand Lotina’s indications about been moving the ball over the grass, because Depor was trying to base its attack in fast moves that never meant a long pass or to risk the ball possession, that’s why Depor was looking dangerous led by a Mista that completed his best game since his arrival on the past season. Meanwhile the Madrilenians were also practicing a pretty style, combining the attack from moves at the centre to penetrations by the flanks, especially by the sector defended by Manuel Pablo and attacked by Pedro Leon

Then Depor had its first two approximations, first with a pass of Filipe that Mista headed on target, but referee González González whistled offside (11’), it was just a warning of what was about to happen. Then Riki had his only chance in the game with a crossed shot that went out (17’). A few minutes later, Depor took advantage of its good moment as Filipe repeated the previous play sending a cross from the left that Riki missed, but that Mista capitalised heading the ball to the centre of the goal. It is the first goal in liga for the Murcian striker and his first since August 30, 2008 against Real Madrid.

After the goal the confrontation turned into a vibrant game, with Getafe searching for the equaliser and with Depor attempting the second, though with some reserves in defence. It was like two boxers exchanging blows in a Championship match. At minute 23, the locals were close to score after Pedro Leon took a free-kick that Boateng couldn’t capitalise after a small error of Aranzubia, Depor responded with a shot of Mista that missed the target.

But then referee González González claimed a protagonic role in the game as Riki was sent off, the Madrilenian simulated a penalty (21’) and later the referee thought that the striker touched the ball with the hand as he was close to score the second goal (27’), it was an unnecessary punishment because Riki never handled the ball and besides, he never committed a foul against a rival. Later Lotina was so upset with the referee that he was sent off too after a foul over Guardado that wasn’t whistled.

Despite been with ten men on the pitch, Depor was still looking dangerous, with Mista and Guardado creating a lot of troubles to the rival. At minute 30, the Mexican was close to double the advantage. Pedro Leon was taking a direct-free kick, but instead of giving trouble to Aranzubia, the play ended in a dangerous counterattack in which Guardado attempted to chip the ball from 60-meters, but his effort just passed close to the left post.

Getafe pushed hard within the last ten minutes, at the 37th minute Pedro Leon was close to score in a corner-kick sent directly on target, Aranzubia lost the ball and in the end Cata Diaz couldn’t find it inside the area. It was an entertaining first half, with two sides searching for the three points, but the true is that referee José Luis González González was hurting Depor with an unfair decision that left Lotina’s team with only ten men on the pitch.

Michel was not happy at all with the performance of his players at the right sector, that’s why he replaced Mane and Manu Del Moral with Pedro Rios and Gavilan. The actions started in the same way, with both teams openly searching for the goal. First Depor couldn’t capitalise a cross after a free-kick taken by Sergio (47’). Then both teams had a chance through a direct free-kick. First Pedro Leon missed the target from the edge of the area, and then Sergio responded sending the ball into the hands of Ustari.

One of the best chances for Getafe came at minute 53, Pedro Leon sent a cross after a corner-kick, Gavilan found the ball inside the area and attempted from close range, but Aranzubia made a great save from the goal line.  Getafe was insisting and it seemed that Depor was losing the steam, but the precipitation of the locals allowed the second goal for the Galicians.

Because after a corner-kick, Ustari tried to start a fast counterattack, but instead he assisted Sergio , who from midfield started a play that surprised Getafe, Guardado received the ball on the left, after eluding two rivals the Mexican tested from the edge of the area, it was a drilling shot that turned into a precise pass that found Mista alone inside the area, the Murcian didn’t attempt to score, and preferred to assist Filipe Luis, who just pushed the ball in from close range. It is the second goal in liga for the Brazilian.

Then Lotina (who was at the stands) replaced a solid Mista with Adrian, the Murcian gave a great match with a goal plus an assist. The next ten minutes were spent with the public protesting, because they were watching how their team was losing for the second straight time against a team of ten men. And the situation turned more complicated for Depor as Gonzalez Gonzalez showed up again to leave Lotina’s side with nine men. This time Sergio fouled Gavilan in the attempt to block a counter-attack, the Catalan was booked during the first part and now was seeing his second yellow.

The true is that a yellow was a fair call for that action, but also true was that the referee didn’t use the same measure with Getafe’s players, because Boateng committed four clear fouls, two of them hard tackles against Depor’s players, and he only saw a yellow. Totally, the referee showed ten yellows in a game that wasn’t violent at all.

Despite the numeric advantage, Getafe never represented a real danger against Aranzubia, they insisted but never had a clear chance, with the exception of a new shot of Gavilan that Aranzubia saved (73’). The rest were just approximations that never ended in a shot on target. Actually, the Madrilenians had 23 shots in the game, but only 3 reached the goal.

For the final minutes Lotina sent Ze Castro to the pitch replacing Guardado. The Portuguese joined Sergio and Juan Rodriguez in a triple pivote figure in midfield, while Adrian was the only playing moving in attack, the Asturian mainly tried to insist through incursions at the right wing, but he never had a clear opportunity to score the third.

Terrible game for referee Gonzalez Gonzalez, who showed ten yellow cards and three red cards (including Lotina) during a game that wasn’t violent at all. The most affected side was Depor, team that played with ten men during big part of the game and that even faced the last twenty minutes with nine. However, the Galician squad surpassed the situation with an excellent performance in defence to clinch a new win and new clean sheet. Filipe and Mista were the best players as both scored one goal plus giving an assist.

The result is leaving Depor in a Champions League place and just waiting for the result of Valencia. There is a pause in la liga on the next weekend and the action returns until November 21 as Lotina’s team hosts Atletico Madrid at the Riazor. But on Tuesday, Deportivo plays the second-leg in Copa against Real Murcia (Riazor, 20h00 CET). Both Riki and Sergio can play the game because their suspension only applies for la liga.

Getafe: Ustari - Miguel Torres, Mario, Cata Díaz, Mané (Gavilan 46’) – Boateng (Casquero 60), Adrián, - Pedro Léon, Alvín, Manu (Rios 46’) - Soldado.
Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Filipe - Sergio, Antonio Tomás - Juan Rodríguez, Mista (Adrian 60’), Guardado (Ze Castro 85’) - Riki.
Goals: 0-1: (13’) Mista, 0-2: (60’) Filipe.
Referee: José Luis González González.. He showed yellow card to Boateng (55’), Casquero (71’), Aranzubia (76’), Torres (87’) and Rios (89’). Riki (25’), Lotina (35’) and Sergio (72’) were sent off.
Venue: Alfonso Pérez coliseum (12,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (66% - 34%); Total shots (23 - 10); Shots on target (3 - 3); Saves by the keepers (1 - 3); Corner-kicks  (6 - 5); Offsides (1 - 2); Fouls committed (18 - 11); Accuracy in the passes (88.81% - 71.59%)




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