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09 Nov 2009
Happiness and indignation, those were the main feelings of the players after the game against Getafe; the feeling of happiness due to the victory and the performance of the team, and indignation towards the work of the referee.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was very upset with the work done by referee Gonzalez Gonzalez, “He sent me off because I protested. You can not leave a team with ten men as he did, he was not going to do anything with Riki, but after the protest of the public and the players, he showed the second yellow. That's not the behaviour of a referee at Primera. I do not understand the differences in the criteria, the rules were different for Getafe."

“Until the expulsion we were fine, plugged into the game, we were trying to create danger through the wings and the team was convinced about what was doing on the pitch. But later things got complicated with the first red card, but we had the ball possession and we were able to stay in control of the situation. The second goal was the key, because it was a hard hit for Getafe.” He added.

Despite the convincing performance of his team, Lotina was insisting that things should be better, “We have to improve. In the individual aspect, there are player that still have to grow and that’s my obligation. Today we were fine in defence, because we were having the ball with one man less. But within the first minutes we were losing the ball and we need to improve that. I don’t want to talk about limits, because the players don’t have that.”

Finally, the coach of Deportivo was praising the performance of Mista, striker that scorer a goal and gave an assist, “He was fine. After playing for a few games at Atletico Madrid, he was having troubles trying to find his place. But he has quality. He is wishing to comeback and be again an important player inside the world of football.”

Riki, who was sent off early in the first part, was feeling sorry for the situation, , “I hope the club will present a protest for my expulsion. It was an expensive joke, but we must keep going. It wasn’t my intention to go out with a red card, so today I have to emphasise the work of the team, not mine.”

The Madrilenian tried to explain the two actions in which he saw a yellow card, “In the first play, the defender pushed me and I fell down. It was a fight between two players, and he can’t whistle a penalty, but neither was to show me a yellow card. It’s true that I lifted the hand in the second play, but it was because I lost the balance as someone pushed me. I never touched the ball with the hand, it was with the head, but the assistant told the referee other thing.”

Sergio was also sent off and was saying that it is an excessive punishment, “The referee complicated his life because of the lack of experience. If he would have had more experience, he wouldn’t have sent me off. The true is that I could have avoided the foul over the player of Getafe, but I thought could reach the ball and I made my best effort.”

Who was happy was Mista, he thinks to have seized the opportunity gave by the coach, “I am content and happy for taking advantage of this opportunity. Now we must keep going in order to have more. In the play of the second goal I decided to pass the ball, because it was the best thing for the team. Filipe was in a better position and that’s why I passed the ball to him.”

The other scorer of the evening was Filipe Luis, he was feeling satisfied for this new triumph and said that the whole team was feeling exhausted, “We ran a lot. Some of us can’t even walk, but it was worthy, because we achieved the three points.” Similar were the thoughts of Ze Castro, who played for the final five minutes, “I never ran so much at other clubs.”

Meanwhile, Juan Rodríguez was upset with the work done by the referee, “It was a little pathetic, we were with one man less since the first moment, and I do believe the team was working fine, later we saw a second red card. We have three straight games in which things aren’t fine with the referee, but we must keep working.”

At Getafe, coach Michel was disappointed with the performance of his team, “Any negative  adjective could be applied to my team. What happened today is something without explanation. We allowed the first goal just when we had things under control. Since that moment, my team couldn’t face the rival, neither against ten nor nine men. We made the changes and nothing happened. It was one of those evenings in which nothing works out.”




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