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25 Nov 2009
Lendoiro confirmed on Monday that no new signings will be made during the winter window. At the same time Lotina said he doesn’t expect to see anybody leaving, while it was rumoured that Manolo Preciado could be the new coach for the next season.

"At this point the club is not thinking of new signings. We are enjoying of a solid squad and it will be unfair to think of that. Besides, it's very difficult to sign something that improves our current level taking in mind our current resources." Those were the words of  president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro during an act celebrating the socios with a membership of 25 years.

It’s the confirmation that Deportivo will not complete any move during the winter window, this despite that coach Miguel Angel Lotina said at the middle of the month that “surely we will do something in the winter market”.  This after the serious knee injury suffered by Angulo and after the coach requested for a replacement in order to cover the exit of right winger Angel Lafita. Now Lotina will have to handle the situation and face the rest of the competition with what he currently has.

However, the coach said on Tuesday, during his usual press conference, that “The lesser the president spends in new signings, the better. But we still have a month, we will wait and see what happens.” What Lotina wanted to clarify is that he neither expects to see anybody leaving during the winter window, “We haven’t talked of possible exits. In order to see somebody leaving, first they will have to pass over my dead body, because the players will be more expensive during the summer.”

“If we continue on the same line, we will see offers for several players and I will be happy with that. But that should happen at the summer. Now, unless we get an incredible offer, I do not count on having exits. It would be a tremendous nuisance." The coach added.

Another of the points in discussion is the situation of Sergio Canales, who last weekend was praised after playing a good game against Real Madrid. Lendoiro was the one that explained the situation of Racing's player, "We will try to define the situation in our next visit to Santander. If he plays a certain number of games and minutes, then a certain type of contract will be applied."

Depor has the 50% of the rights over a future sell over the 18-year-old talented midfielder, but those rights are only valid as long as the player remains at Racing. He ends his contract in June of 2010, but a clause in the contract will automatically renew the deal if he plays for at least 900 minutes on the season.  The polemic is that the clause could be illegal, and that’s what Lendoiro wants to resolve in order to not lose the possible income in case the player goes freely to another club.

Finally, newspaper La Voz de Asturias informed that Lendoiro is thinking of Manuel Preciado, who is the current coach of Sporting Gijón. According to the source, since Lotina ends his contract in June of 2010, Lendoiro could switch to Preciado ahead of the next season. Like the case of the Basque man, the Cantabrian coach also ends his contract in June of the next year, though the same source appoints that Sporting already started the negotiations in order to extend the deal, this after the solid start of campaign held by the Asturian team.



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