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01 Dec 2009
Lotina and the players were happy because Deportivo achieved a new triumph in la liga, but they were also conscious that neither was one of the best presentations of the Galician team on this season.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling satisfied for the final result, though he admitted that his team didn’t have a solid performance, “We were lucky, because any side could have won the game, or it could have ended in a draw. As the minutes were passing, it was clear the match was going to be goalless or in other case to be decided by a single goal. That’s why we made the changes.” 

The Basque manager was saying that his team felt more comfortable on the pitch during the second half, “After halftime we changed the orientation of the players on the pitch and we were feeling better, more comfortable. We moved the ball over the grass, we neither created too many scoring opportunities, but we had two or three and thus came the goal. In the end, Racing attacked a lot and had the chance to equalise through the play of Colsa. That’s when we were lucky and took the three points.”

Finally, Lotina commented the injury of Lassad, “It is a setback, because he was improving and each day was better. It’s a pity, because he is a player that struggles in order to be fit after suffering an injury. He is a player that brings a lot of things when is fine.”

Andrés Guardado was asking to be patient and to not lose the concentration due to the solid results on the season, “Everybody has the right to dream, but we must go step by step and keeping the same prudent speech, because that’s what has giving results to us. The true is that we were lucky, the team has been working at the top throughout the season and that was noticed once again. Sometimes, when you work hard, things are solved almost by accident.”

“We were lucky, it was complicated to play on this stadium, but in the end we had good luck, which meant three points and time to return home. It was an equal game at midfield, and it truly reflects the work we are doing. We stay with the same ideas, and it’s too soon to think of the future. We will see what happens at the end of the season.” The Mexican added.

Winger Pablo Álvarez was giving his opinion about the current status of Deportivo, “In a fortunate play we scored the 0-1; the important thing is to reach the final stage of the year with a lot of points, maybe more than we think at the beginning, but we must keep working and try to continue on this streak. Maybe this was an ugly game, but we won, which in the end is what matters and counts.”

Meanwhile, Albert Lopo was explaining how he scored the winning goal, “I scored the goal by intuition. It already happened against Atletico (Madrid), on this opportunity I intuited that should be attacking, so I just put my boot there and scored the goal.” 

At Racing, coach Miguel Angel Portugal was trying to be positive after this new setback at home, “The squad is compromised to carry out with this situation, I am satisfied though we can do things better. We must be optimistic and admit that we saw some positive things against a Deportivo that for some reason is up there. We must work in the finish of the plays by the strikers, we need to work hard, but I am convinced that this will work.”





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