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07 Dec 2009
The media was not impressed by the defensive scheme that Lotina prepared for the game, it was considered as a big risk against the all mighty Barca. The Catalan media even said that this Depor was not ‘Super’.

La Opinión  Coruña: A retreated Depor. Deportivo presented in yesterday’s game a 4-2-3-1 gaming system. In the first half, the Galician team waited Barcelona retreated, trying to surprise the rival in a counterattack. It only pressed Guardiola's team when Victor Valdes had the ball on his boots, this in order to avoid the short passes of the Blaugranas. For its side, Barcelona as soon as it was losing the ball, it was pressing a lot, stealing very quickly and always in the transition attack-defense. It must be emphasised the mobility between the lines of Barcelona, with Messi very sharp in that area of the pitch. That prevented to see Deportivo feeling comfortable in attack, except in the goal on a very vertical play, it hardly endangered the rival. In the second half, Barca dropped the pace and had far less ball movement. Neither Deportivo had an output and only enjoyed of one clear chance, the one of Mista. The Galician team was running a lot behind the ball and accused the fatigue, which caused some errors, which allowed Barcelona to increase its advantage. Richard Barral.

La Voz de Galicia: Barcelona ate the scheme of the four pivotes. Clemente was the one that invented the scheme of six central defenders, and history will store in the trunk of his impossible systems the four defensive midfielders that Lotina aligned against Barcelona in the second half. Since the beginning Juan Rodriguez jumped to the grass as an omnipresent playmaker in all the sides of the pitch, while the positional Sergio and Antonio Tomas were the ones able to sew and sew back the Galician system. Juca, in his first game in over two months, replaced Adrian and as no time has passed, he gave his best: intensity and danger in set-pieces.

Only Mista, the reference in the absence of injured Riki, stood in front of the ball. The rest fought like a warrior only to recover the ball and run. Barca's goals and, above all, the impossibility that this system would offer a minimum offensive performance, with up to ten players behind the ball and more than fifty yards from the rival’s goal, avoided to see the scheme debuting with a smile. Contrary to that, it did with a big score against Depor. Perhaps excessive, but the worst of the omens to find a continuity to it for the future. Only justified against Barca and the Catalans ate it alive.

The problem comes when Barca has opportunities until the end. Yesterday, as in basketball, it succeeded until the third rebound. Engaged in his scheme of containment, Depor seemed to have renounced to the ball possession, that property always presumed at the Riazor (even against great teams as Villarreal, Sevilla and Atletico), and it all fell apart in a heartbeat. Guardado and Filipe stretched the blanket in order to attack, but their team got cold. Xavi tried first, then Henry, until at last Messi brought brightness to the Ballon d'Or.

But this Depor, without reservations or anxieties, is not dead until the referee whistles the end. And after more than a thousand minutes of black-footed strikers and some Champions rivals, the couple formed by Pique and Puyol conceded a goal. The Barca's bodyguards left their record at the Riazor. As it couldn’t be in other way: it was a strategic play, even with the unwitting help of a rival. Pablo Barreiros.

Marca (Madrid): Worked victory but fairly for a Barcelona that faced a Deportivo that gave everything, but could not spot the cyclone of Barca. The game of Barcelona, especially in the first half, deserved this award, though it was hard to break the perfect defensive system of the Galicians. Messi took the lead for Barcelona, but Adrian surprised with the equalizer before the break. Messi in the final stretch, with a header, and Ibrahimovic scored for Pep’s team.

Nobody could think at the Ecuador of the first part that Barcelona would have to wait until the 80th minute to define the match. The game displayed was remembering the best version of Barca, a display that did not allow Deportivo to even smell the ball. And that taking in mind that Lotina’s men did not stop running. However, we arrived to the rest with an inexplicable draw. How? Because football has these things that make it so beautiful. Miguel Ángel García.

El Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona): At the right moment. Lotina said before that is easier to analyse Barça on the video, but it’s terribly costly to mark their players on the field. In the first half it wasn’t like that. The draw punished Barca and awarded the slacker football of a Depor that never was ‘Super’. It’s the price of a goal. It was hard for the Azulgranas to create three good chances and for Deportivo it was a collective defensive accident what allowed the draw. Still, the individual class is the superlative factor for this team. Messi turns to gold everything he touches, not just the ball, Ibra is infallible, Iniesta is basic, like Puyol and Henry ... sometimes it makes Pedro indispensable. But the big difference is Pep (Guardiola). He warned that would play better than in Jerez and Barca displayed authority. It was the right moment. Just when the team is about to go to Kiev, before the FIFA Club World Cup. It’s 'annoying', but is always right. Always. Gabriel Sans.



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