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07 Dec 2009
A disappointment, but not the end of the world, that was the sensation of Lotina and the players after the game. Because they are aware they were facing one of the best teams in the world and that Barca suffered in order to pick up the points

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina was admitting the superiority of Barcelona, “We can not ask for more to our players. To hold on against Barca during 90 minutes is not an easy thing and they fairly won. The big question was to know if the rival was coming out at the top and it did it, in that sense things aren’t easy.”

“We played with a lot of aids, with hard work and solidarity, as always. When the second goal was coming, they were having problems and we corrected our position. But Pedro was constantly looking for Filipe’s back. Guardado was out of the pitch and it was at that moment when the opportunity was created. Filipe was moving forward and Pedro was at the back creating a space. But if Barca wouldn’t create the chance in that play, the goal would have come in other way.” He commented about the play of Barca’s second goal.

Finally, Lotina praised the last season and a half made by Barcelona, “We like to watch our squad, but in front we had a very good team, very well worked and with quality… As the years will pass we will realise that a lot of time must pass in order to see another team like Guardiola’s Barca. They play with a lot of intensity and it’s difficult to stop them. We, besides our sacrifice, need to be perfect in order to defeat them. That’s why I said to be very content with the opposition that we represented.”

Daniel Aranzubia, who completed a new solid presentation making four saves, was also admitting the superiority of the rival, “The true is that they were superior in everything, at least we achieved the fact that it wasn’t a big win for them, I don’t think this is a step backwards for us.”

Midfielder Juca was returning to play after suffering an injury in the game with Villarreal, he confessed that “I am feeling very glad for returning to play, unfortunately we suffered a defeat, but it was against Barcelona and we must move ahead.”

Striker Adrián was the chosen one to replace Riki in attack, and he did a nice job as he scored the goal, he was analysing the play with reporters, “It was a weird play. They (Puyol and Pique) didn’t understand what was going on and the ball went to me. It was a bit lucky.”

Like the rest of the squad, the Asturian attacker was admitting that Barcelona was the best side in the game, “They represent the best team in the world and we were able to give hard battle to them. The true is that we are satisfied with the impression that we left against our fans, tough we also feel hurt for the defeat. Now is time to go for the three points in Almeria.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was feeling satisfied for the environment lived at the Riazor, “It was a party of football. We saw great sportsmanship between both clubs. It was a pity for those last fifteen minutes, we made a great effort on the pitch. I won’t talk of the play in the second goal, because it could was a foul or maybe not, but the referee didn’t whistle it.” 

At Barcelona, coach Pep Guardiola was analysing the game, “My team didn’t have a brilliant performance. Deportivo was closing everything by the inside. The entry of Pedro was trying to open the pitch and tough we weren’t so fine like in the first half, we were able to dominate the match in a pitch where is difficult to win and that’s why we must valorise the importance of the victory.”

“Deportivo is a well organized team, they know what they are doing, I guess the casualties of Riki and Lassad conditioned their game, but things are looking good for them and you can notice that the environment at their locker room is great. Filipe is a great player, Guardado too, Manuel Pablo… Deportivo has a solid structure. It isn’t a coincidence to see them up there.” He added.

Finally, keeper Víctor Valdés was explaining the play of Depor’s goal, “I was searching for the ball at the centre and was surprised when the ball hit the ground, that’s why I couldn’t stop it. Now we must thing of the Champions League and winning at Kiev, it will be tough, but we must try to do it in any possible way.”




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