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30 Dec 2009
Andalusian Juan Rodríguez talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña about the performance of the team during the year 2009, and also about his expectations for the near future.

Q: Can you ask for more?
A: There is much scope for further improvement. You can always improve, both individually and collectively. For that reason, we must correct the mistakes and enhance the strengths.

Q: Would you sign another year like the one that’s ending?
A: The players are thrilled and convinced, and having the needed confidence to continue with the same dynamic. We are there by our own merits and nobody has given us anything for free. Hopefully we can repeat or even improve what was done in 2009, because in football everyone has to be ambitious.

Q On a personal level, was this the best year in your career?
A: It can be, in the sense that I've played almost every game in my position, though in this start of season I am playing more on the wing. I've had more regularly on my position. Moreover, when the team does well at a collective level, things also work out for you.

Q: You are 27 now, are you living the best moment in your career?
A: I've had many ups and downs, but right now the team's current situation is very pretty and we must seize it. I'm very happy because I'm taking part of this and will try to gain a spot every day on the trainings. Hopefully in future years we can also match this level or even improve it, but it is true that I am at a pretty age, and it has coincided with the good momentum of the team. You must live the present and go game after game, as usual.

Q: What has been the key to end 2009 at the European places?
A: The daily work is bearing fruits and is also very important the unity at the dressing room. Everyone is involved and it is noticed on the pitch.

Q: Do you see the team fighting until the end at the top places?
A: That's the intention, to see the team returning to play in Europe. We know it is complicated and that there are a lot of games still to be played, but the team is prepared for it and we’ll give everything in order to end as high as possible and to play a European competition.

Q: Do you notice now that more rivals are respecting Deportivo?
A: Not matter how long they respect you, if the team is not at hundred percent, mentalized and focused, then anybody can defeat you.

Q: What do ask to 2010?
A: I hope we can have success and to continue living in this positive streak.

Q: And in an individual sense?
A: To see the injuries respecting me, which is quite important, and to continue with this regularity. We all like to play and now that I have the chance to do it, I will not miss it.

Q: January will be a key month for the team.
A: We can not establish a target of points for the next matchdays. We must continue with the philosophy of going game after game, which is how the results have arrived, and not to deviate from that path. We have a great hope and nobody will remove that hope from us, but we know we have to fight a lot.



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